Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some new things to share...

I know I promised a post on organizing the linen closet and if you can wait one more day....that would be great! I want to make some serious progress on my own first.  In the meantime,  I have a few new things to share.

First...some new additions to the shop this week.

Flannel pillowcases.   Make bedtime fun with these over-sized flannel pillowcases in kid themed prints.  Perfect for those cold, winter nights with their soft and cozy texture.  After all, according to the groundhog, we have 6 more weeks of winter ahead of us.

What kid wouldn’t want these?

In fun wintery themes....

and complimenting fabrics...

and...they make a great gift.  Use them as the gift bag and fill it with some fun items for a girly gift for a sleepover party.  It's sure to be unique!

and lastly, they can be custom ordered to include an initial!

Lots more to come this weekend.  I'd love feedback!

And, just added today, iPad cases. 

Beauty collides with functionality with this iPad case.  Designed specifically for the iPad2, this case is a perfect fit to keep your iPad safe!    Make your iPad case your newest accessory when you carry a fun, bright and fashionable fabric.  Whether carried alone or tucked in your purse or bag, this case will not only keep your iPad safe, but will look great while doing it.

Each case is designed with 2 complimentary fabrics.  This case is highly durable and includes 2 layers of interfacing to add not only structure, but padding for your iPad.  

Includes a fold over top to prevent your iPad from falling out like it could with a top closure.  This case features a strip of Velcro as well to reinforce its closure and prevent scratches on your iPad.

And in true Poshed Up nature, these too can be monogrammed.  

And lastly, we do all sorts of custom orders.  Here are a few we have made recently and as holiday gifts.   We'd love to make one for you!

Blanket for baby Olivia!
Back side has soft complimenting fabric!  Great baby gift!

Butterfly bag for a little girl.

Another butterfly bag for little  Chloe to carry her boots to school in our "busy" bag shape.
Could she be any cuter?!

Peace sign bags for the bigger girls.  Either monogrammed or plain.

A birthday gift for Kate (from my son).  We filled it with fun crafts!

Personalized bags as a gift for a set of twins and another little boy. 

Another gift given by my daughter to her friend turning 10 filled with fun 10 year old girly items (whatever that might be at the time!)

And lastly, I know it's early, but these were our end of year teacher gifts last year.   
Great tote for them to carry papers home, throughout the day or their lunch!

I hope you'll stop by the shop in the next few days and check out what we have.  We ALWAYS take custom orders for anything under the sun.   Please feel free to contact us!

Lastly,  here are the March and April 2012 calendars I referred to in this post about creating your family binder.  I hope you find them helpful.

Poshed Up

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