Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pins of the Week...

I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day and spent the day with those closest to your heart.  Whether you're married, single, a mother or not, it's a wonderful day to celebrate those around you that are important to you.   While flowers and candy are great, I think that just demonstrating your love and sharing some kind words are the best part of the day.  Sappy, I know, but my absolute best gift ever was a note from my husband about the "Top 10" things he loves about me.  I'm not great at accepting verbal compliments, but this was very, very special and I have re-read it so many times since Tuesday.   And my children, well they are rejoicing in tons of candy and treats too!

I haven't shared any of my favorite pins lately because I was focusing on the "10 Days of Valentine's Day", but I have some great ideas to share.   If you're not already on Pinterest, I highly recommend it.  It's my new search engine for anything for my home, kids, crafting and business.   But, as I've told others, WATCH OUT!  It's crazy addicting!

Here are my tops for the last few weeks...


To be totally honest, I'm a little crafted out right now after Valentine's Day.  I can't wait to take down my decor and put up the next, but I'm spent.  It's funny how Tuesday I was so into Valentine's Day, but by the time Wednesday rolled around...I loathed looking at my Valentine's decor. 

Anyway, if we were crafting around here...this would be on top of our list.  I love handmade toys and especially ones that can keep your little ones busy.  We just booked a trip for Disney this Spring so I'm definitely in the market for some cheap things to keep them busy on the plane and this one is so fun!


I have been wanting to change my bedroom for awhile and had my heart set on yellow and grey...but, this picture has possibly changed my mind.  My bedroom is almost this exact color now and I LOVE the all white bedding.  And that chandelier.  It makes it such a warm room.  Hmmm...decisions!

Yum...these were so easy and sooo good!
Stuffed Zucchini

Ummmm...YES!  That's all I can say to these beauties.


These are just the cutest baby gift I've seen in a long time.  I made the washcloth cupcakes for a shower similar to these, but these take the cake (no pun intended!)


And last, but not least...
Now that's just plain funny!

Happy Pinning!

Poshed Up

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