Saturday, February 4, 2012

10 Days of Valentine's Day - Day 1

I'm so excited to share some really fun and easy ideas for Valentine's Day.  Can you believe it's only 10 short days away?  Yikes...2012 is already flying by.  
I have TONS of ideas I have found from homemade valentines to great snack ideas and I'm going to share it with ...

10 Days
Of Valentines Day

I already shared a few decorating ideas with you 2 weeks ago because I couldn't wait to start decorating and if you happened to miss it, you can read all about some great ideas here. 

I also have mentioned a few times that we here have been VERY busy getting our Valentine's together to share with our friends at school.  Sadly, my daughter wants to do the store-bought ones this year despite my efforts to convince her!   But, I'm going to try to at least try to spruce them up a bit since I'm not a fan of them.   Maybe I'm alone, but I think they just end up in a pile and inevitably in the garbage. the spirit of homemade, I have tons of ideas for some cute and easy homemade Valentine's for your little ones to share this year.  I'm sure you just sighed at the thought if you're not crafty, but I promise some of these are ridiculously easy and so darn cute!

Today I'm going to share some that require some shopping to give you plenty of time to gather your supplies.  When I say shopping, I mean they require a simple toy or item to make them.   The whole idea with these is that they are ideas that can be done WITHOUT candy involved.   If you don't want to over-sugar your children's friends, or have a school that doesn't allow candy...these are some great ideas.

I love this idea from ThirtyHandmadeDays.   They've even shared the topper to put on the bags.  All you need are some small vehicles and some clear cello bags.  I just might be doing these for our little friends.  (Side note, obviously you can leave out the lollies if you don't want to include candy)

And another great idea from ThirtyHandmadeDays...

I think these are very clever too...and I'm saving these for an end of year goody for my son's class.  This idea is from Dandee.

Some other great candy-free ideas from Dandee...and one of my FAVS for the older kids...
I tried oh so hard to get my daughter to do these and I'm still hoping with a little help she'll cave (I mean give in).    lol

And another from the oh-so-creative Dandee..

And this idea is SUPER easy.  We made these in stars for my son's class at the end of last year.

From The Long Thread...and she shared the printable card so it makes it even easier to duplicate!

And in case you want to make these super cute crayon hearts, but don't really know where to is a tutorial.   One thing I will tell you that I found out, the cheap Dollar Store crayons are far too waxy and don't melt nicely.  Spend the extra for real crayons.

How about this idea with glow sticks....

And last, but not least, this cute idea that does include candy, but you could certainly leave it out or put in some marble or heart shaped erasers or stickers.

I have lots more to come tomorrow.  Until then a quote that is oh so true at our house (except with Diet Pepsi!)

Poshed Up

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