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10 Days of Valentine's Day - Day 4

In case you're wondering if I've totally abandoned Operation OrGaNiZaTiOn, the answer is no.  I have been working feverishly on sprucing up my linen closets and will have pictures to share when we tackle that area.  I wanted to take a break to focus on all things Valentine's until the big day arrives and then we'll be back on track for organization...that is until St. Patty's Day and then Easter.  Oh my.  

On to Day 4 in...

10 Days
Of Valentines Day

With less than a week left before Valentine's Day, I wanted to focus today on ideas for sending love through the mail.  Whether it's for a sweetheart that is away from home, a family member away from home or grandparents, I have some ideas to share the love across the miles.

When I think of sending some love long distance or gifting to long distant family, I always think of my children's hands.  I know that seems strange, but I think the thing that long distant relatives miss out on most is seeing the growth in my kids.  They change so quickly even for my eyes, so I can only imagine how fast it would appear if you didn't see them each day. So, I love gifts with their cute little hand prints while they are still small.  Here is what I made for my mom who lives in Florida for Christmas....hand print coasters of my two kids and my niece and nephew.

They are by no means fancy, nor were they the only gift, but they are just a small reminder of the grandkids at home.   So when I saw these two ideas for Valentine's, I was so excited.

I love this idea, but I secretly despise finger paint because it's so messy.  Inevitably as soon as it goes on, my son remembers how much he despises it too and wipes his hand on something that shouldn't have fingerpaint on it.  Figures....but still so great.

And I love these...

Now, mom if you happen to be reading...skip this next one please.  Yours will be arriving soon and I want it to be a surprise or at least I want you to pretend it was so the kids don't know you saw it!

Or you could just send an entire hug...with a cute message
"I love you  THISSSSSSSS much" to fill up the arm span.

And I think this is a super cute idea for Valentine's with thumbprints.  We love 
thumbprints too.  
We made thumbprint blank note cards with thumbprint animals as an end of year gift
for our teachers last year.   I wish I had taken a picture of them.  They were super cute!  

So naturally, I was drawn to this idea.   

These thumbprint bookmarks are super cute and easy too...

In fact, we love bookmarks so much here that we actually made them for our friends last year as our Valentine's card.  Click HERE for the ones we made for our little preschool friends last year.
They were super simple.  You just 
print them
laminate them (you can do that at any office supply store in an 8 1/2 x 11" sheet)
cut them (make sure not to cut too close to the edge or you will break the laminated seam) 
hole punch them
tie a ribbon through them

We also made some custom bookmarks with scrapbook paper for Father's is one. (Note, this was from my son to my husband...before he could write his name)  My husband uses it ALL the time!

Here are a few other ideas for bookmarks to send in a card to a long distant family member.  How cute would one of these handmade bookmarks be clipped onto a Barnes & Noble gift card for a grandparent?  

A felt bookmark...
If you click on the link below the picture, she has step by step instructions for you on how to make these.  They are really easy and you can even leave out the stitching if you want to keep them even more simple.

A paper bookmark...
Again, click on the link below the picture for simple instructions.   You can even have your kids write a personal message on this one.

A paperclip bookmark...
And this could not be more simple.  No need to waste money on the over-priced heart shaped paper clips...make them yourself and send them in a handmade Valentine's day card.  What a great grandparent gift.

Speaking of handmade cards...wouldn't something like this with a personalized message to your long-distant family member be so great?  You could print it and glue the picture to cardstock for a quick and super cute Valentine's card! 

Or this one...

And lastly, I loved these.  I couldn't think of what I would do with them and then I thought of those very expensive Hallmark cards that include a button saying "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Mother's Day" that the recipient can wear on their special day.  So...why not make one of these for your long-distant Valentine to wear?   

The last idea I want to share could be fun if you interviewed your child and asked them to describe this long-distant Valentine.  You could type it into a heart shape and send it as the card.  If you click on the link, you'll find instructions on how to create one of your own!

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