Friday, February 3, 2012

Just keeping it real...

When I started this blog my sole intent was for it to be a way of sharing my love of crafting, sewing and maybe also promoting my shop.  ( I know it's self-serving, but a girl's gotta start somewhere).  I am an avid blog reader and would choose hours reading others' blogs than in front of the TV at night.  As time has passed I have begun to share a little more about my own house and how we organize things and some of our own "tips" and/or projects, but that's about it as far as my personal life.

What I am starting to realize is that I probably don't seem too real.   Can I really spend all of my time cleaning, crafting, organizing, sewing and being mom with a big smile?   The answer is no.    I also realized that the blogs that I gravitate towards and follow religiously have absolutely nothing to do with crafting, organizing, etc.  While I love those blogs for ideas, I tend to follow the ones that are just about life.    These women share the real life happenings that they encounter each and every day and inevitably I leave my blog-reading session with either tears in my eyes or a smile because I can relate to something I've read. keep it real...and to be totally honest, this has been a terrible, no good, horrible WEEK.  (Hopefully you've read Alexander and have a clue about what I'm referencing!)    I cannot pinpoint what went wrong, but I think it's just been one of those weeks and so....I'm not going to pretend it wasn't.  Besides, I hope to some day look back on this blog and know that I was "real" and documented my "real" life.

To put it all out on the table...

I did NO laundry this week and now I'm playing catch up.  Sucks.   I know now why I love my schedule so much.

I did not one ounce of exercise even with the incredible weather.   I actually encouraged my kids to stay inside an watch a movie.   Gasp!  I know, mother of the year on that one.

I drank entirely WAY TOO MUCH caffeine and look about 80 years older than I am with my dry, wrinkly face and skin.

I was VERY resentful of my new and necessary gluten-free life and was a huge glutton.  I ate a ton of candy since it's everywhere in every store (even Joann Fabrics, really?) and now my face looks like I'm a teenager.

I got very angry with my own crazy schedule and begged my kids to skip their activities to no avail.  I just wanted 1 night with no commitments.  Then when I finally had one, I went to bed and didn't even take advantage of it.

I only cooked 1 meal for my family and it was nothing extravagant.   They ate all things in the pantry or freezer.  (ie. MacnCheese, chicken nuggets).  Now I'm not knocking those who work all day and have a need to do this, but I am home with my kids and did nothing this week I remind you.

I found my daughter silently sobbing to herself over math homework last night because she was embarassed and didn't want to ask me for help because she couldn't do it after the teacher told her how great she was doing in math.   Sad broke my heart.

I lost my cool a bunch of times....I think I might have said "please just stop talking" at least once...ok, maybe twice!

I drove my husband to the couch for 2 nights after complaining about his talking in his sleep and coughing.  Mean wife!

I had to get a big dent repaired in my brand-new car after someone hit it.  Not happy!

And yesterday took the cake.....
I planned lunch with a friend I never get to see an thankfully planned it for a place right near my son's preschool.    This is only the 2nd time since he started in September that I've done anything fun while he's at school.  Generally, I drop off and come home to clean or grocery shop...etc.   So...needless to say, I was excited.  Within 10 mins. of arriving, the school called to tell me that my son had a rash on his face and they were concerned.  So... I left my friend and headed over to the school to pick him up.

Thankfully he is fine and I have no idea what caused it, but he left sad because he wanted to stay.   Ugh!    As I've mentioned before, my son has very severe food allergies so a little rash to most is a BIG deal to us.  He has had this rash on his face on and off all week and I had him at the doctor 3 times last week from the rash and an ear infection.  While I was happy that he was fine after we left, I needed that hour of adult interaction.   My son is in school for 2 1/2 hrs a day (which was my choice and one of the best I've made since he's off to Kindergarten next year), but most of my morning is spent discussing Power Rangers and defending kung fu punches.

But, despite all of this, I need to remember...

My family loves me.

My kids ARE healthy despite a few colds, etc.

I am able to spend my days with my little guy before he goes off to Kindergarten.  Registration is only a few weeks away :(

My husband comes home every night and just shows us all love regardless of what drama, complaint or mess he finds.  He's a gem!

This little guy can ALWAYS make me smile.

This little girl is a true blessing and ALWAYS tries to be the best she can be!

There are people truly suffering and I have no right to complain.

So....that's my effort to keep it real.  I won't do it often, but it's all truth.   And...I know my complaints may even sound silly, but these are the kinds of things that make my weeks sucky.   I will get back on the wagon this weekend and get back on Operation Organization before my messy house swallows me up.  I want to leave you with a few links to some people who could really use your prayers.

Baby Paxton passed away this week and my heart breaks for this family.  They are truly amazing in their strength.

Kate has been fighting a brain tumor since May 2009 and her family deals with everyday struggles as they pray for their daughter's future.

Jen shares honestly how she is moving on in her life with 5 sweet children after her husband left her family.  Her honesty is humbling.

Have a wonderful weekend!  I am looking very forward to a weekend with absolutely no commitments except time with my family!

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  1. Just want to send big hugs and I hope next week is better. Can we plan a get together soon? MISS YOU!

  2. Thanks so much! Let's plan something. I need something fun to look forward to it! Email me your're far busier than me!! Miss you too!