Thursday, February 9, 2012

10 Days of Valentine's Day - Days 5 & 6

Only 5 more days until the big did that happen?   Time is just slipping past me.  Today I want to share some cute threads for you and your little ones to wear on Valentine's Day.   I am one of "those" moms who loves to dress her children in outfits for holidays. There, I said it.

The bad part is I'm down to only one who allows me now that my daughter is 10 years old and her own fashion sense, which does not include holiday wear :(   And...I feel like my time might be limited with a little boy soon to enter Kindergarten so I need to max it out this year.

I LOVE to sew as we know and I love to make shirts for my kids.  Here are some I've made for my own and for gifts in the past.


Our trip to Disney 

A gift for a friend's twins

Birthday shirts for friends
(don't mind the wet spot...)

Birthday shirt for my own and of course I didn't get a good picture of it...

(he's in grey with his #5 tee on)

Our Captain American tee for our Superhero Birthday party

And this year I was time to make one for Valentine's Day.  I'm not sure why I never have before. I think I've always found really adorable ones in the stores, but since my homemade shirt time is limited, I thought I'd make my little guy something this year.  Here it is...

I gave him a few choices and he chose the tie because it reminded him of Harry Potter...go figure!   I'm excited to see it on.  While we're talking about handmade...check out some of these cute shirts I found from my fellow etsy sellers.  If you are interested in any of them, just click on the link below the picture!

For twins...better not put them in the wrong  

I adore the sillohuette....but I do have a thing against full names on shirts and bags.  I am ALL ABOUT monogramming and personalization with a first letter, in fact, most of my shop items include it.  It just freaks me out in this day and age to have my child's name on a shirt.  I don't want some crazy out there being able to call my child by 1st name.  Maybe I'm paranoid.

I loved this and think I may be able to get one more year out of a homemade shirt for my son with something cool like this one...minus the name.

And I just loved the texture on this one...very unique!

I also found some really cute ones on Old Navy and Gap that I thought I'd share if you are tight on time, but want something festive.

 I almost convinced my daughter on this one, but she doesn't like pink.

We used to have one just like this from Paris when my daughter was teeny...sniff sniff!
And this is just so sweet for the little girl in your life and could definitely be worn again.  I seem to gravitate towards the shirts that can be worn many times and this doesn't say "Happy V'Day".

This reminded me of one we had when my son was a sweet!

And this for the bigger boy.  I almost bought this one.

Or this one..

And this one for the coolest dude in your life.

And lastly, for your little girl or boy...a way to be festive at virtually no cost.  How cute is this idea?  Add some felt hearts to any buttoned shirt!

We can't forget about is some "pinspiration" I found to help you when getting dressed next Tuesday!  I LOVE anything red and am uber-excited to be able to have a real reason to wear it!

How about some simple neutrals with a touch of red without going overboard...

Love the animal print...

Or how about a super casual look...

Or go all date or no hot date...MEOW!  Check out those heels!

And I adore this top paired with a great pair of shoes...

And me... I haven't planned just yet.  But you better believe I'll be wearing the shoes pictured here that I had to have last Spring.  I adore them and spent WAY too much on them.  I pray for dry weather.

Regardless of whether you go all out or choose to spend the day in pj''s hoping it's a day filled with love!

Poshed Up

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