Friday, December 23, 2011

The last minute rush....

I had sooo many other Christmas things I wanted to share with you all, but the days just slipped away.   I guess I'll have to save them for next year!

This last post is jam-packed with yummy treats, last-minute gift ideas, tablescapes and some fun gift wrap ideas.   I'm hearing many say that they have yet to wrap a present and/or that they have so much left to maybe this will give you a few last-minute ideas!  This just might be my longest post ever!

If you're all done, maybe it will give you inspiration for next year and if you're like me...maybe you'll score some new gift wrap to fulfill these ideas next year on the day after sales.  Check out Target's...last year I got the most beautiful gift wrap at 75% off.   Note to self not buy beautiful gift wrap that has sparkles in it....too messy!!

Some last-minute gifts...

Using....your child's hand and/or footprints!  I'm sure by now you've realized that I'm a huge lover of all things handmade (no pun intended) and these would just make my day if I were to ever receive one.  Too bad my husband doesn't read my blog...yet!

This was made on a plate, but would be just as cute on a simple piece of paper!  Love!

So great with multiple kids.

And my most favorite of all...

On to some great ideas for homemade gifts and goodies...great ideas for neighbors, housewarming gifts when you visit others this holiday or just to have on hand when others visit!

A dream come true for me with 2 of my top and chocolate.  What could be better?
And even better, it's called... 3 Minute and 3 Ingredient Fudge.

from 'Made' 
(one of my top favs, although she makes me feel totally inadequate)

Santa Chex!!!

Cocoa Cones from 'Little Wonders' Days'

Love these Christmas Hershey Bars ideas...from 'Kerry's Craft Blog'

Or these from 'Split Coast Stamps'
Love that big red nose!!

Or how about chocolate-dipped candy canes?  Great in your coffee. We made these as part of our teacher gifts this year.  Sooo darn easy!

Or these from 'Country Living'

And the last 2 are super simple and you probably have the items in your house already....

Reindeer food...a tradition at our house.  My son made his at school this year so we don't have to, but if he didn't, we would absolutely be making this one!

And the all-time easiest and much appreciated gift...

Now for a few great ideas if you're entertaining over the next few days...first some appetizers and drinks that are very festive!

This looks so yummy...from 'YummyMummyKitchen'

.and you can make it ahead....BONUS!

And how about some ideas for Christmas breakfast...

Or these are cute too...  sorry the picture is so tiny, but it was way too fuzzy any bigger.  You get the idea I hope..the antlers are bacon!

Or maybe something a bit healthier...although it looks like too much work for me!

Or maybe a Cheerio tree...

And of course the food always looks better on a beautiful's some ideas to make your table beautiful this year.  I haven't set mine yet for Christmas Eve dinner, but I'm very excited to bring out my Christmas dishes!

Start with a simple place setting and name plate.   I love this one from HGTV...maybe because it's a pine cone?!   You certainly don't have to spray paint it, but it sure is pretty.

I love the fresh greenery.   I'm going to snag my fresh holly tomorrow.

Or this one is so super easy...from 'Sew Many Ways'

And this is to die for..or at least for me.  Red and pine cones...drool...

Here are a few great centerpiece ideas with fresh flowers, cranberries and candy.  Cranberries make a beautiful centerpiece and last forever.  I use them often this time of year!

If you have that glue gun and some candies laying around...these are simply glued on a tissue box.  So cute!

Or these from 'Sweet Designs' appear to be hot glued to a styro cone...

And last, but not least...that is if you're still reading this extremely looong post...

Gift wrap and gift tags (tons of freebies)

Here are a few great ways to use plain brown paper and and beautiful...

Or these with brown paper and doilies...from 'Oh Doilies'

I love the personalized touch...

I also love these bright colored ones... I think I'm going to try this theme next year if I can break myself away from RED!!!   I'm so in love with traditional red, but I do love how fun these are.

And lastly, if you're like me and wait to put bows and ribbons on your gifts so that they don't get all messed up...this is a great alternative to this idea!

And lastly...

free gift tags...just click on the links below each set...

Happy last few hours before Christmas!

Poshed Up

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town....

Only 1 more week left and so much to do...YIKES!!!   It's funny how as I get older I don't want Christmas to come so quickly, but as a child, I wanted it to hurry up and get here already.   I still have soooooo much to do!  One of those very important things we still have to do is write and mail our letters to Jolly Old St. Nick himself.  I know many have already done this weeks ago, but thanks to the Elf on the Shelf, we have access to him any time so no rush around here ;)

I have some great printable letters to Santa to share with you as well as some other really fun Christmas printables. I love printables to add some fun to any gathering...big or small...and what I love most about these is that they you don't have to pay for them!

But first....letters to the big guy!

This one is great even for the littlest in your family because most of the writing is already crafted!

Or how about this adorable one from 'Blush Printables'?  They have tons of others cute printables...just click on their name for the link.

And this is the one that our elf will be delivering for us....after all, when you change your list 3 times a day like my 5 year old, you have to wait until the very last minute to tell Santa what you've decided on.  

And this one surely takes the cake.  I think this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen....

Or maybe your children are high-tech and would prefer a personalized email from Santa...check it out at

You will receive a personalized email from Santa himself for your child and he will let them know if they are on the naughty or nice list....very cute!!

On to some fun printables....some of these are for decorations and you may be done decorating unlike myself.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I change my Christmas decorations a couple times before the holiday actually arrives.  I actually just completed my mantle tonight with all of our stockings hung!   LOVE IT!

Anyway, these are fun to put in an existing frame for the next week to add a little more holiday cheer!  I adore subway art and especially adore Christmas subway art.   Check out 'Tatertots & Jello'...she has tons of fun printables and this is one of my favorites from 'Polkadots on Parade'.
Or this cute one from 'Creationz Studio'
And I love the vintage look of these from '2Sisters Blog'

Here's a few other really fun printables...especially for the kids!     I use these kinds of activities for them while I'm cooking dinner or trying to make a phone call or anything else I might be doing when I need them (or really the little one) to be occupied!

I always loved paper dolls as a little girl and so naturally I loved these when I saw them.  Can't wait to do them!  Each year they come out with a new one and here are some of my favorites.

And this year's addition...

I love this template to create a reindeer paper chain...we just might need to try this.  Although after our paper snowflakes, my hands are cramped a bit!

And this last one is a great idea if you want to start a new tradition.  We here already have our Night Before Christmas traditions that we don't want to disrupt, but I just love this idea.   

I have lots of printable gift tags to share with you tomorrow, but I'm saving them to go with my post on unique gift wrap ideas!   If you haven't yet started wrapping...hopefully I'll share some fun twists if you're looking for something other than traditional!  Stay tuned...

Poshed Up