Saturday, February 11, 2012

10 Days of Valentine's Day - Day 7

Today marks Day 7 in ....

10 Days
Of Valentines Day
I actually went back and changed the last post to say "Days 5 & 6" because I had originally planned to have it be two separate posts.  So...that brings us to Day 7.   I had a whole lot of goodies to stick into 10 short days and I think we'll just make it!

Today I wanted to share some fantastic ideas for plain old paper Valentine's...imagine that.   By no means are these Valentine's plain though..they are far from it!   We finished up our own Valentine's last night and got them in the mail to our long distant family and we're working on our last few today for teachers.  (I'm going to share some fun ideas for the teachers in your life tomorrow).    

Here is what my kitchen table looked like on Thursday night as the kids feverishly worked to finish up their homemade Valentine's Day cards.  These are cards they did ENTIRELY by themselves except for a few heart shapes that I assisted with.  They really did a great job.

 Every year I buy Valentine's scrapbook paper from the dollar section at Target and some other fun crafty things at the Dollar Store and then let them loose. Here is our loot from this year...

And here are a few of their finished products...
A pop-up card by my son.....he designed it and did all of the assembly...all I did was cut the heart.

Here is the inside...he let his sister sign it too because she was busy working on the hers.

And here is her masterpiece.  Very fun!  Here recipient (name left out for surprise purposes) will be so excited!

And these are 2 others that my son designed...

Ours are pretty elementary, but they had a ball doing them.  So now onto some other ideas that I found.   Many of these links (found below each photo) share how to make them step by step so don't get overwhelmed by just the photo.  I love these creative uses of just simple paper, glue and a few googly eyes and stickers here and there.  And maybe a toilet paper roll????

I also have a TON of FREE PRINTABLES for you if you want easy, but don't want to buy the boxed ones.
Just click on any link below the picture to find them.

Star Wars anyone?  My son would have loved these...but his are super cute (I'll show them as soon as we finish up tomorrow)

How about animal themed?  So sweet.

Or maybe some "rockin'" ones?  Great for the bigger kiddos.   
No how-to on this one, but it was too cute not to share.  You crafty mommas will be able to re-create it.

Or maybe some color your own...

Or, these other super cute ones for little boys.

And maybe a few cute ones for little girls...

And how about some out of the box paper DIY Valentine's ideas that I just loved.

Fortune teller

Card and envelope in one!


And I leave with you one of my favorite printables for this Valentine's Day.

Poshed Up

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