Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's Game Time!

With the nation's big game this upcoming Sunday, so many are planning parties and sweet treats to enjoy while watching the game.  I don't know why Superbowl Sunday has become synonymous with eating.  It's strange to me.  We don't throw huge parties for the World Series (or do we and I just never knew?).  Anyway, my thought is that it's another occasion to party in an otherwise dull time of year.

Regardless, I'm on board with the partying and here are some of my favorite ideas for both sweet and savory treats for your viewing pleasure.

Sweet treats...

Chocolate cupcakes with a cookies n' cream filling topped with a football truffle...really?  That's amazing!

Or these beautiful cupcakes...grass and all!  Also, topped with a football truffle!

Chocolate covered strawberry footballs...no longer for only your fancy affairs.

Or how about the easiest...football shaped brownies.  So great!

And maybe you'll choose just one healthy option.....and oh so fitting for the occasion...

Savory treats...

Bean dip anyone?  Or this could be a layered Mexican dip with the beans on top instead of inside.

How about some wings?

And these deviled eggs are just so cute!

Or how about a molded cheese football...who wouldn't love that?!

And this is my favorite...probably because I love pizza so much.

Lastly, I have to show you these over-the-top and amazing ideas for dips/spreads to celebrate 
with at your Superbowl Party...

No good soiree is complete without a great tablescape....at least I feel that way...lol
Check out these creative table displays.   Of course all food tastes better when it's displayed beautifully too!

I love everything about this fun, festive table...especially the pom poms.  It brings back memories from my cheering days.

And how about this creativity?   A turf tablecloth and a goal post from PVC....so great!  This was for a 1st birthday, but could easily become a Giants table ( I mean Superbowl table)!  

And this last one....so great.  They even wrapped the kids' juice boxes in football paper.  

I hope your team wins (GO Giants!) and I hope you enjoy Superbowl Sunday.  Whether you are a football fan or not, use it as an excuse to have some great snacks!

Poshed Up

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