Monday, February 13, 2012

10 Days of Valentine's Day - Day 9

I have some last minute ideas I wanted to share to make your family's start to Valentine's Day "love"ly!   I'm working on a few of my own....many from this that I'll share tomorrow.

I love this idea to make your children feel special from the minute they wake up.   A wall of things you love about  them.  Super easy.  My husband and I are working on ours tonight after everyone is asleep.  What a great way to start their day!

Or maybe a sweet message in lipstick on the mirror of the bathroom...this could be fun for anyone.

Or how about a festive breakfast table to start this special day?  We don't have much time in the mornings, but I still like to do something special .
I can't wait to set mine up once the little people of the house go to bed.
How cute is this one?  I'm totally stealing the fork idea with the heart cut out. 

And what better on this festive table than a "hearty" breakfast.  Check out these great ideas!


French toast

Super simple cinnamon rolls

Eggs and toast

Maybe add a few Valentine's Day mad libs to the party?

Now...send them off to school with Valentine's Day cards in hand, a gift for the teacher and a super fun lunch.

Start with a great sandwich?

Add in some fruit?

And maybe a silly Valentine's joke?

And I think you've set them up for the best day ever.  Come back tomorrow morning for some ideas for a fun after school Valentine's Day snack as well as some awesome dessert ideas and drinks for you and your sweetheart (no matter what age!)

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