Thursday, October 25, 2012

A "Spook"tacular Celebration

We still have one full weekend to celebrate before Halloween arrives.  I love Halloween and all of the excitement surrounding and I especially love a party!     I thought I'd share a few last minute ideas for some fun and festive food and decorations in case you are either hosting or attending a party this weekend.  


A Yummy Mummy filled with Spinach Dip

Mini Mummy Pizzas

A Veggie and Dip Skeleton....crazy creative!

And my personal favorite...a Cheese Ball Pumpkin.  

Main Course

How about ribs (love the red pepper 

with Whipped Ghost Potatoes

Sweet Treats

Eyeballs...they look disgusting, but what kid wouldn't love them?  They are white powdered donuts, gummy savers, a chocolate chip and gel icing.

Candy corn parfait...simply pineapples, mandarin oranges and whipped cream.

Mummy Cupcakes...that are actually low-fat too.

So pun intended.

Another cute take on chocolate covered pretzels.

Every good gathering need some festive decorations and here are some super easy last-minute ideas that your kids can help with.

Origami Spider Webs- it sounds difficult, but it's really just folded and cut paper.

Or maybe coffee filter cute!

Felt bat this one!!  Felt is so cheap and easy to work with too.

Or maybe just some spooky cute strung on black string.

And if you're still on the hunt for that perfect costume for either yourself or your kids, check out some of the great ideas I stumbled across when searching for ideas for my middle schooler.

For the adults...

Army man from Toy Story

Rock, Paper, cute

Tooth and Tooth Fairy

For the kiddos...


Disgusting, but very creative.

Raining Cats & Dogs

For a cute!

Wherever your upcoming pre-Halloween weekend takes you, I hope it's "SPOOK"tacular!

Poshed Up

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Fashion Edition

This pretty much sums up how I feel this time of year....

and let me stress the boots and jeans part of this!

I love to start wearing sweaters and layering clothes.   While I don't like to be cold, I do love the cooler air and the ability to wear sweaters when Fall arrives.   Being a stay at home mom, I don't have anywhere that I'm going that requires me to dress up on a daily basis but I still like to look nice.  So on the days that I don't stay in my gym clothes all day after the gym...sad, but true.....I always go for jeans and boots.   I have been seeing lots of fun outfits on Pinterest and I thought I'd share some.

I like to copy ideas and use the ideas that work for my body type and scratch those that I cannot pull off.  I am an avid Today Show fan and have heard several fashion consultants share that it's crucial to wear clothes that fit your body type and not to try to always "wear the trend".  So....take what you like and make it work for you and your own body!

The first look that I love is stripes.  I don't know why I have such a thing for stripes, but I do across all seasons of clothing and hear are some Fall finds that I particularly love.  If you click on the "Source" links below each outfit, you can find out where to find them.

I love the casual nature of this outfit and of course the Toms...who doesn't love Toms.   What I love more than anything else though is the simple white tank.   I think white is so clean and crisp in any outfit.

This outfit works for me because I don't like big, bulky sweaters in the transition weather so the 3/4 sleeve is great.   The scarf adds just enough additional warmth too.  And the boots...I just adore boots.   What I like the most though is the combo of black stripes and brown.  It totally works!

This outfit just looks so darn comfy and again it has the clean, crisp plain white tank.   

The next look I love is a button down.  Whether it's plaid, striped, solid or a tailored white I love this look especially when it's layered.  So casual and fun with a colored tank, Chucks and a vest which I have proclaimed my love for in earlier posts.  I despise bulky coats so a vest works for me best!

I also love the finished look of layering with a fun cardigan and of!

I happen to own a coat that resembles this one and I think it looks so great with a great pair of pumps and a tailored white shirt.   This could go from casual to dressy with great jewelry too.

Although I prefer vests to coats, I can handle a comfy sweater for warmth on a chilly day especially when it's paired with boots.   I love these looks.

And how about accessories?  Here a few I love for fall....

Scarves.  These are a great addition to any outfit and provide warmth too.   Here is a guide to tying them in case you are stumped on how to wear them.

A great pair of earrings...

And a great necklace...

And last, but not least....a perfect fall nail color...
How about OPI "Wooden You Like to Know"?

Poshed Up

Monday, October 15, 2012

Silent Auction Listing

Today I am participating in a silent auction to benefit the daughter of Matt Turner who tragically lost his life last week.  While I do not know him personally, I have read his wife Julee's blog for some time and wanted to do something small.  Please check out all of the fabulous auction items and read more about this auction HERE.

I am donating a set of two custom made monogrammed Christmas stockings.

Here is what some of the one's I made last year looked like.  I have changed my fabric options since last year so please use these picture as an example.  All 2012 fabric options are pictured below.

And here is one of with this year's fabrics.

I have tons of great fabric options this year...take a look.

Here is a brief description of the stockings:

Give Santa something to smile about when he comes to visit your home.  Not only are these stocking beautiful, but they are monogrammed to make it easier for Santa!    And….because they are reversible, you can turn them around when you need a change! 
Made of beautifully colored, festive fabrics, these custom-made stocking include 2 complimenting fabrics on one side and the reverse on the other.  Each stocking includes a double layered monogrammed initial as well to make it pop!   Each stocking is also fully lined with a complimenting fabric and include a heavy weight ribbon hanger to add to its beauty.
All stocking include a layer of interfacing for added shape and durability so you and your family can enjoy these stocking for years to come.  They make a great gift filled with goodies for that special someone!
These stocking can be custom made and monogrammed with your choice of fabric.  Many fabrics options are available and we can send you picture options if desired.    

All stockings are currently shipping within 10-14 days of payment being received and fabric choices being confirmed.

Machine washable on delicate and dry warm.   Iron to maintain “poshed up” look!
Length:  Approximately 18 1/2"  from top to toe
Width of top opening:  Approximately 7 ½ “
Width of foot:  Approximately 10 ½ “
Hanger length:  Approximately 4 ½”

I will work with you directly once you have won this auction item on the monogramming and your choice of fabrics.   The winner can reach out to me via email at with the title "Auction Winner" and we will go from there.  

Stocking normally sell for $25 each via my etsy shop (click HERE to visit) so this auction item is worth a total of $50.

Shipping:  This auction item is available for US shipping only.

The starting bid for these stockings is $20.

How to Bid:

1.  Place your bid in the comments section of this blog post.
2.  Leave Name, Email and Bid.
3.  All bids must be made in $1 increments.  If the last bid is $9, then your bid must be $10.

Bidding will close on Friday night at 10:00pm EST.  The highest bidder will be the winner.  Payment will be accepted via PayPal and the winner will be emailed a paypal invoice.  Once the payment has been made, I will put your in as the contact with the donor.

Thank you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

All things Autumn!!!!

Halloween is quickly approaching and I feel like it always sneaks up on me because I am just finishing up my son's birthday and then before I know's October.  I did have time to re-decorate my mantel and take down all of my summer decor (sniff, sniff) and put up some Fall decor, but I have not yet put up anything Halloween.  I figure I'll wait until mid October to swap it out again.

Here is a picture of what it looks like...the picture is kind of washed out, but it really has a lot of color to it.   I used different fake pumpkins, gourds and acorns to add some color until I have time to go get some real ones.
In the hurricane on the left, I have Indian corn off the cob and on the cob and some feathers and reeds.
In the hurricane on the right I have some fake mini apples and some acorns that my daughter and I collected forever ago.

I love all things Autumn this time of year and especially the color orange.  From orange decor to orange clothing...I just love the warmth it adds to my home and my wardrobe.  Here are a few of my favorite things about Autumn.

The changing leaves.....

I LOVE everything about Fall and especially the brilliant colors.   Orange is one of my favorites and I enjoy seeing so much of it this time of year....especially from Mother Nature herself.  Check out these leaves.  They are truly unbelievable.  I love to drive around seeing the changing leaves.  I have such fond memories of my trips with my mom throughout the Northeast in Fall to see the changing leaves.   I want to experience that with my own children when my little guy is old enough to appreciate it.

We used to pack up the car and head to some little towns in Connecticut and stay at a little hotel or motel and just enjoy the outdoors, shopping, eating and being together.  It was fun.  I think that made me appreciate this time of year at a young age.  We used to come home with tons of vibrant leaves too.

Pumpkin Picking...

Probably my most favorite thing about this time of year is pumpkin picking and going on hayrides with my children.  We have been doing this for as long as I can remember and it's one of the only things that I almost always capture pictures of.




2006 with a brand-new baby Ryan

2007 (a strangely warm day)




Pumpkins and gourds...

Pumpkins and gourds add so much color to the most basic of spaces.  Whether it's my front porch, my mantle, or maybe just our kitchen table...I love the added color.  Even the most basic arrangements look incredible.

I love the contrast of these pumpkins against this blue pick up truck.

These simple table decorations are so great.  Just the pumpkins, gourds and some simple ribbons go a long way.

Now I think pumpkins are just gorgeous by themselves and I don't generally like the idea of painting over their beauty, but I do love this and think I might have to give it a try with some gold paint.

And of course carving them is great about these amazing ideas?  I love the flower centerpiece with the orange flowers or how about monogrammed...both ideas of course from non other than Martha herself. 

Pumpkin flavoring and smells...

I adore all things pumpkin smelling and tasting.

My girlfriend gifted me this hand soap and it's amazing...thanks Jen!

Or how about this candle?  This one might be too sweet smelling for me.

But this one is my favorite from last season.  It reminds me of a cool Autumn day.  It truly amazes me how they can capture that in a scent.

And this brewing...well that's just one of the best things around.

Or maybe just this.  It's like heaven in a cup.

Orange or pumpkin recipes...

While the smells are nice, how about the taste?  One of my favorites for sure.  A close second to anything cinnamon for me.  Here are some recipes I'd like to try this season.

Pumpkin Gingersnap Parfaits....

Pumpkin Pie Dip....served in a pumpkin of course!

Orange clothing....

Last, but not clothing.  That sounds like a bit much, but check out some of these finds.

I am totally a vest girl because I do not like coats.  I tried to get this adorable orange one, but it's now sold out.  Boo.

And this....well I just love it.  I like the shade of orange that it is.  It does not scream Halloween.

That wraps up my favorites for this Autumn season.   Of course I love big sweaters, boots and everything else that makes me think of this season, but this year I have a special affinity for orange.

Poshed Up