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10 Days of Valentine's Day - Day 8

10 Days
Of Valentines Day

I hope that Day 7 gave you tons of ideas and/or printables for your little one's classmates and friends. Today I have some ideas for Valentine's for your child's teacher and some for the love of your life. 

We always try to do a little something special for our teacher's on the holidays and especially at the end of the year.  We've done tons of different things including bookmarks, handmade cards, flowers, note name it.  But, we cannot give out candy because it is not allowed to be distributed in our school.  So, I searched for ideas without candy, but I'm also going to include a few cute ideas with candy as well.

Without candy....  what teacher couldn't use some new supplies this time of year.   Here's 2 cute takes on the same idea. 

And what teacher wouldn't love something handmade from one of their students?

This one is so sweet with some hand lotion.  Or how about the always needed Hand Sanitizer?

Or a sweet card...

With candy or other sweets...

I love this idea for a homemade treat.  There are step-by-step instructions if you click on the link below the picture.

And I adore this idea with popcorn.  So creative and could be paired with movie tickets for an end of year gift.  They even have plastic versions of these popcorn containers in the $1 section of Target...we have them for our family movie night!

This is a very creative idea.  We made a similar version a few years back with school supplies for the classroom for Teacher Appreciation Day and might just re-visit it this year.  I never used to take pictures of my presents so I promise to get one and share it this year.  It said things like "you really measure up" with a tape measure, "you are sharp as a tack" with thumbtacks.  You get the idea!

This one for Valentine's is so creative and fun!

I also love simple.  How about just a chocolate bar wrapped in a festive wrapper?  Click on the link below the pictures to find the free printables.

For mini chocolate bars...

Or these SUPER creative treats that any teacher would adore!

And lastly for your teacher...a simple handmade Valentine by your child.  I showed you these that my son made for his 2 teachers.
He is writing his name and adding some stickers inside and we are going to include this:

My teacher's very special
so I'm making her a heart,
a valentine that's sure to be
a proper work of art.

I've worked on it all morning
so it should be ready soon,
I'd like to slip it on her desk
before this afternoon.

It's colored in with crayons
and it's trimmed with paper lace,
it has flowers, hearts, and cupids--
I can't wait to see her face!
Thank you for always taking care of me and teaching me SOOO much!    

I cannot remember where I found this poem, but I think it's so perfect for the little ones.  Click HERE for a a printable copy.

We've focused so much on the kid's Valentine's and I wanted to share a few ideas for your own Valentine.  These are all homemade, cheap, but really fun ideas.   I'm the kinda girl that LOVES a homemade and thoughtful gift that shows you were thinking of me over a store-bought any day.  I truly mean that.  I feel like if I want something from the store, I'll buy it, but I can't put a price tag on making me something. 
I sure hope my husband feels the same

Here are few very thoughtful ideas I found...

These are very innocent, but of course you could customize them any way you want.  Since they are so small, it would be cute to put it in his coat pocket or in his car for him to find.
She has included the printable for both hers as well as some blank ones for you to customize.  She also has instructions.  So fun!

Or how about this idea...tied to his car keys.

I love this idea to fill a jar with "things I love about you"...or you could put them in things he'll see throughout his day.  

Or maybe 52 things?  That's a lot!   Made using playing cards!

Another idea using his every day things...

And 2 more cute ideas with candy for your special Valentine...

And as always, some quotes.  I loved these two equally so...I'll just share both!


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