Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Decor!

I love Springtime!   Warmer days, blooming flowers, lighter clothing and sunshine!    And I cannot lie, my birthday falls during this time of year so I've secretly loved it all my life because it meant my birthday would soon be here.
What's not to love?  Ok, maybe allergies, but other than that??  

This picture makes me think of Spring....just gorgeous. 

When I think of bringing Spring into decor, I think of greens, blues, yellows and all of the colors of Easter.   While Easter is a religious holiday, I focus my decorations more on the bunnies and eggs for the kids, but of course some beautiful religious touches are beautiful as well.   I already shared a few of the Spring touches I added to my own home HERE when I was getting ready for St. Patrick's Day, but I've added a few more things to make it more Easter-y (a new word!)

For Easter I left the basics alone and simply added some homemade garland and a few Easter eggs.  Empty Easter eggs of course, but my little guy is trying to come up with a plan on how to get up on the mantle because he thinks the Easter bunny will fill them.  I better take those down the night prior or we'll be spending our Easter at the

I got the idea for this super simple garland from this...

I found my plastic eggs at JoAnn Fabrics for 50% off this past week and used 2 packages of the big size to make this.   It was super easy.  I just threaded a thin ribbon through the holes on the top and bottom of the eggs.  You could use thread and a needle if you want, but I wanted something a little sturdier.  

It looked good after this, but it needed something more.  So....I added scraps of ribbon that I had laying around from the Poshed Up business. And voila....I love it!   Even my 10 year old who is not so generous with the compliments, but oh so generous with critique said quote "I LOVE IT!"  Well I'm glad I made someone's day!

It really was super duper simple and it may have to stay up a little longer because it added so much color to our mantle!

I also spruced up our hutch in our front hallway that I love to decorate and added my Easter bunnies to the ledge by my kitchen sink. 

I made this little guy 10 years ago at a ceramics class and I still love him.  And this little guy hiding behind the faucet I found at Home Goods years ago.  They actually look like a pair.
 And I added back my sequins eggs that I just love for a little Easter bling.

And the hutch got a few Springy touches.  It will stay like this for awhile now until Summer really starts.
Obviously these urns and finials are a few of my favorites because I keep them out all the time.  This picture does not do them justice, but they are so pretty with a brown patina on them.
I added some sparkly yellow eggs and my blue urn stayed from my winter themed decor which you can re-visit HERE if you so desire.  It just moved from the mantle to the hutch.

Lastly I added this hurricane with yellow and green split peas as an anchor and some branches of Forsythia.  I love these flowers.  I have vivid memories of the Forsythia branches at the house I grew up in and taking pictures outside them on Easter.  

I found a few other fun ideas to add some Spring/Easter to your own home.  Check these great ideas out!

Here are a few other adorable Easter garland ideas.

I also love hurricanes filled with just about anything.
More greens and yellows with either fresh or faux lemons and limes as your anchors.  I do use faux lemons too as we get closer to summertime.  I know Pottery Barn sells them...check them out HERE.

I also loved this Spring mantle with the greens and a touch of purple.

I so wish I could keep some fresh flowers around the house this time of year especially, but my son's allergies are so over the top already that I cannot add to it.  So...I'll just suck it up and enjoy them the other three seasons of the year.  If I could though....I would love any of these Springy bouquets.

I love using food items to help add color. Have you ever noticed how many food ideas are really colorful?   How about limes, lemons and oranges in your flower arrangement?  Probably not something you would think of, but they are really beautiful.   Try these ideas...

A few things to know....or things I've learned from doing this...
1.  They are so easy to put in the vase because they tend to stick to the glass
2.  You should really use another glass or smaller vase inside the main one because the fruit does tend to wilt the flowers faster

I also loved this simple arrangement...

Lastly, I loved this printable all about Springtime...

And this one for Easter...great and cheap additions to your mantle or home.

Yay for Spring!  I have some fun Easter crafts and food ideas to share this upcoming weekend and week as we quickly approach Easter!

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