Monday, March 12, 2012

Catching those pesky leprechauns...

I finally finished adding a touch of green to my home for St. Patrick's Day and to welcome Spring.  It's almost here!   Yesterday marked Daylight Savings and to me...that's a sign that we're almost there.  Despite the misery that Spring allergies brings my little guy, this is one of my favorite times of the year (I think I say that for every changing season so maybe it's more the

Here are a few pictures of my Spring mantle with some St. Patrick's Day touches.
 (The pictures aren't so great because they are from my phone, but you get the idea)

I added some topiaries that I found years ago at Marshall's super cheap.   I put them in some urns that I had to add some contrast to their bright green color.

I added some splashes of deep yellow in my candles and urn.

I used cheap store-bought garland and added some shiny cardboard shamrocks to create my own garland.

 I do not go crazy for this holiday...a few shiny shamrocks go a LONG way.  What we do go crazy for is our leprechaun trap.  We set up our trap the week of with TONS of green goodies to entice the leprechauns.  I shared some pictures of our leprechaun trap from last year HERE, but I also found some other ideas to spruce up ours for this year.

I love the rainbow on top...

And talk about rainbows...boy oh boy, this one takes the cake.  This is not a leprechaun trap per se, but I'm sure it would be fun to incorporate!

Or this incredible rainbow paper cute.  Something about rainbow colors makes me smile.

That is sure to bring the leprechauns...

And I love this creative "leprechaun hotel" fun!

This is pretty fun too....the prop of the ladder adds to the fun for the kids.

And lastly...a good old-fashioned trap.  Basic, but still creative!

While searching for some new ideas to catch our leprechaun this year, I found these really cute scavenger hunts for St. Patrick's Day.  

I think this rainbow one is definitely my favorite.  I hope our leprechaun has been visiting pinterest so that he can try his own take on this fun treasure hunt.

He even left some leprechaun prints.  (Click on the link below the photo for a great how-to and some free printables)

This treasure hunt is based on cute little limericks to guide you to the treasure.  
(Free printables are also available via the link below)

And this last one is so great.  The gold $1 coins found at then end are then donated.  Check it out!

The final clue...

Have fun getting ready for the arrival of those pesky leprechauns.  They can really create havoc on St. Patrick's Day!  

I have some fun crafts, snacks, party ideas and more to share this week as the big day approaches!

And I leave you with an Irish blessing.

Poshed Up

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