Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Coming soon!

Today is the perfect day to talk about what's to come in the shop next week because we are getting a preview of warmer weather to come with 65 degree weather!!!!

So...what do you think of when you think of warmer weather?

The BeAcH perhaps?

We have brand new canvas beach bags coming to the shop next week.

Here's a preview...

Oversized, but still incredibly light on your shoulder.  Fits multiple towels, clothes, accessories, name it.

Includes 3 inside pockets.  Two on one side (seen here holding 2 large water bottles) and one oversized on the opposite side big enough to hold a Nook, iPad or any other tablet.

Includes a hook to hold your keys.  From experience, I know that this in invaluable because it is easy for the keys to fall to the bottom of the bag or worse, into the sand and get lost.  I speak from experience on that one.  Not fun!

We will also have coordinating mini wallets that include a tab on the side to clip into the hook.  Yes, I've also dropped my wallet in the sand...not fun either!

This one is already spoken for, but we have tons of other options coming.  Here is a peek at the fabric!
Stripes, solids, polka dots, name it...

Made from a great washable canvas material!

And, we have the perfect size for the little girl in your life.  This bag is great for so many things besides her own personal beach bag.  Think sleepovers, road trips, vacations....
This bag is made from fun cotton fabric.

Includes a medium sized pocket on the inside for all of her little goodies!
You can view the listing for this bag HERE.

Beach bags coming next week.  Pre orders are welcome.  

Poshed Up

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