Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some Easter FUN!

We're less than a week away from Easter and the candy aisles at the grocery and drug stores are showing it!  I stopped by my local pharmacy today to pick up some last minute candy and they were WIPED out!   The only good thing...everything was on sale.  So...if you have yet to buy your own candy for baskets, do so quickly.

Growing up I remember getting my Easter basket on Easter morning and pouring over it to see what the big bunny brought me.  I remember candy...and that's about it!   I'm sure there were other things in there, but for some reason it was the candy that I remember.  Even though I'm sure my kids would say the same, I try to put only a little candy and lots of other goodies.   So much for what they want, huh?  Lol...

So in my quest to do less candy, I pinterest-ed across, I mean stumbled across some really fun ideas.   Check these out!

Jessica at 'Mom Creative' is filled with great ideas for the baskets.  Some of my favorites include: a toothbrush (they'll need it after all the candy), flower seeds, bike accessories and movie tickets.  So fun!  We must think alike because so many of my non-candy ideas are on her list!

This site is also filled with great ideas including filling your eggs at your egg hunt with different clues to a bigger prize or puzzle pieces that once you find them all, you can assemble the puzzle.  Cute ideas!

And I love this out of the box idea to use a toy dump truck for a little one as the basket  to hold all of the goodies!  And I suppose baking/cooking things on the left side are not for the little guy, but someone else...lol

And here is a picture of some of the loot my little ones will find Easter morning...besides candy of course.

For the little guy in my life...
Oh how excited he'll be with the Power Rangers watch!

For the tween girl in my life (she's getting harder and harder, but still believes or at least she's smart enough to pretend she does)...

I also love that Santa and the Easter Bunny ALWAYS bring our family a game for our Family Game Night that we try to do at least once a week.  Here's our new one...

I do have a bunch of other goodies for each of them and I plan on filling a bunch of eggs with quarters because they are both saving their allowance for our upcoming trip to Disney!

I also do a mini Easter egg hunt for them outside (assuming we have decent weather).  They LOVE this the most of anything.  I try to fill the eggs with a little candy, a few coins here and there, and sometimes some other small stickers or goodies.  It's not about what's inside, it's about finding them!

Here's a cute Easter egg hunt...

I love this idea and I'm thinking about trying it myself this year,  my kids had such a ball with the St. Patty's Day hunt we did even if my son couldn't read it and went totally out of order and ruined the surprise for his big sister.  Isn't that what being a little brother is all about?

This site has some great printables for you if you are hosting and Easter egg hunt and want something to spruce it up a bit.  I adore the vintage feel of the signage.  Just click on the link below the picture for the details...

And this one is JUST PLAIN FUN especially for the bigger kids!   If you can wait until the evening of Easter to do your hunt or if you're an extremely earlier riser...this would be so much fun for kids of all ages.  Genius!

If you are looking for some goodies to give out to your children's classmates, friends at church, playgroup or some of your little visitors this Easter, check out these fun ideas!

Some more free printables for you....to top a bag filled with any Easter candy or other goodies!

I love this idea especially since I always buy the Reese's Pieces version for my daughter's basket each year.  So cute.

And another take...

While I despise marshmallows and peeps for sure...this really is such a cute idea!

And last, but not least...these are just so darn cute!  These would be a fun surprise on Easter morning at the breakfast table too.
Donut bunnies!

Just a few fun ideas to help you with your shopping this week if you're like me and still pulling together the contents of Easter baskets.   I have some fun crafts, snacks and other goodies to share this week as we lead up to Easter so stay tuned!

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