Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I have been SEW busy!

It has been such a beautiful week here in my part of the country with weather hovering around 70 degrees and cooler nights.  Just perfect!  While I have spent a fair amount of time outside and even got my first and second sunburns of the season, I have been enjoying working on things to fill up the shop with the windows and door wide OPEN!!!!

I only have about 2 hours to myself each day and I am loving this quiet time with the breeze, a cold drink and my trusty sewing machine.  I have been taking custom orders for my Overnight Bags and my new Beach Bags (coming soon!)

Here is one of my custom made, monogrammed overnight bags
for a special 8 year old girl...

It includes a medium-sized pocket inside

It's very roomy and perfect for traveling, sleepovers, a beach bag...you name it!  They are fun as birthday gifts for a special girl in your life or as a travel bag for an adult (in a more mature fabric of course...lol)

The new beach bag came from a desire to have a beach bag that encompassed everything I could possibly need or desire in my beach bag, but couldn't find anywhere.  I spend almost every day at the beach in the summer and want this bag to "work" hard for me.  

While I do love my Lands End bag, the interior matches the exterior and makes it hard to find things in it and while it's big enough to hold everything...it's more deep than wide and everything falls to the bottom.  It's also light in color.  I loved their colored bags, but they fade so much from the sun that it seemed silly to even bother.   So....  here is what I came up with.

This is already spoken for, but I used bright, fun, bold fabrics that are outdoor as well as indoor use fabrics.  They are easy to clean and can take tons of sun without dulling!  

This bag is large inside but more wide than deep so it's easy to find things.  The towel inside this bag is a full size beach towel folded in half.

It has one very large, deep pocket on one side that can hold my Nook or an iPad and a double pocket on the other side for my wallet or sunscreen, etc.

 ( Sorry for the blurry photo )  It also has a key ring so I can easily find my keys.

I have TONS of fabrics and can't wait to finish a few to list this week.   

Stay tuned to the SHOP!!

And if you just so happen to be in the market for a new beach bag or bag for someone in your life, don't hesitate to let me know ;)

Poshed Up

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  1. I can't wait for you to list the beach bags! I so need one of those.