Friday, March 30, 2012

Fashion Pins of the Week

I normally focus my Pins of the Week post on all sorts of things, but .....this week I'm focusing solely on fashion finds.   I have been pinning tons of warmer weather clothing because A- I cannot wait for the weather to come and B- we are headed to Disney soon and I want to start packing to make the trip seem sooner ( a little game I play with myself...don't ask)

Anyway, I have found some really great and very versatile spring/summer outfits.  The only catch is that they all involve very short shorts which I don't wear.  Well, not yet at least.  I am hoping they are my motivation to move shorter in my shorts this summer. To date, I've always focused on the shorts that go to the knee and while I love them, I also LOVE these outfit ideas.

This one is one of my favorites for so many reasons - I love green, I love my jean's like a baby blanket to me, and I love the flat sandals.  The older I get, the more I like them :)

I love the simplicity of this outfit.  Plain Jane top and cute fun and so easy to dress up or dress down depending on the occasion.  And those Tory Burch sandals are to DIE FOR, no?   What a steal at only $

Again I love the old denim shirt and white shorts.   Not in love with the sandals, but love all of the other accessories.

The next two ideas come from one of my favorite style icons.  While I don't have her body (yet of course...a girl can dream), I love her sense of 'girl next door' style.  I'm a pretty Plain Jane myself so I really appreciate it in her.   

I also adore Carrie Underwood's sense of style, but since she's probably half my age, I should stick with Jennifer

Every single piece of this outfit makes me smile...I just wish I owned it all.

And this last one is high on my list as well...but I'd have to substitute the pink...not a good color for me!

And so now comes the work.  Here are a few great leg workouts I found that are going to help my cause. 

While I might not be close yet, here's to hoping.  I found this picture of me from high school that just made me laugh out load at those chicken legs I used to have. 

See I loved red even back   Not sure why I had such a miserable look on my face, because this was my senior prom.

And in college too. I know they are still in there 
Denim and white...always a classic.  Lol....oh the outfits that I thought were so cool back then!

To the start of something thinner.....

Poshed Up

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