Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Great summer dresses...

I am in packing mode for our upcoming trip to Disney...YAY!   I know the weather will be in the mid to high 80's while we're there and it's hard to pack for weather you're not currently experiencing at home (or is that just me who has a hard time?)  Anyway, while I want comfort while I'm there and functional clothing, I do not want to feel uncomfortable and frumpy.    I know the fanny packs and sneakers with socks are what everyone recommends, but I just cannot do it.

So, I've decided on lightweight dresses with light sweaters for the mornings and evenings and my Havianas flip flops.  I know, I know...flip flops sound crazy, but they are cool and comfortable and what my feet are accustomed to anyway.  I am still hoping to add some short shorts for the summer, but I find that dresses are better for a long hot day.  And, if we decide to add in a dinner somewhere nicer, I'm prepared.

I had been on the hunt for some cute dresses and wanted to share some great ones with you.  I shop at so many different stores and do a ton of online shopping.  My priorities with purchasing something for myself are 1- look, 2-price, 3-fit.  I'm somewhat thrifty when it comes to clothing because my taste changes so quickly.  Unless I know for sure it's something I already own and love, I don't like to spend a  ton on clothing.  I also like to shop the sales and coupon whenever possible.

I loved so many dresses out this year that I had such a hard time deciding.  In fact I ordered a few more this morning and I will return whatever I don't decide on.     I wanted something that hit at least close to the knee even though the really short dresses are in this year.  Disney is a family place afterall.  Here are a few of my favorites.

This one from Land's End is $55 which with shipping added on is more than I would spend for a dress, but I think this is such a classic and comes in tons of colors.   Check it out HERE.  I love this 'mushroom' color.  You can dress it up like in the picture and add some fun jewelry or dress it down with a cute pair of flip flops. LOVE it and I think it's flattering on tons of body types.

Also on the pricier side are these few from Ann Taylor of my favorite stores.  Their clothes fit me so well and are trendy.  I have 2 dresses from the past 2 years just like this, with different necklines.  My most comfortable by far.

I love the orange color they have online and they paired it with a super cute belt.
Click HERE to view it!

And this one covers up a little more on top if you don't like your shoulders showing.
Click HERE to view it!

This cute patterned dress from H&M is so airy and lightweight.   At only $29.95, it's a steal and would look great with cute flip flops or sandals.  It comes in a beige color as well.  Check it out HERE.

I also love this cute dress from H&M for only $24.95.  It's super cute and comes in this bright green color and a purplish blue too.  Check it out HERE.  It has gathering around the top too with a bit of color.

Here are a few of my faves from Old Navy. 

Only $29.94 and it also comes in a cute red/pink shade too.
Click HERE to see this.

$34.94 and it says "Limited Edition", but I have no clue what that means at Old Navy.
Click HERE to see this!

I have this dress from last year in black and I can say it is one of THE most comfortable that I own.  It's only $29.94 too :)
Click HERE to see this !

One of my faves that I bought.  I have a thing for sunny yellow this year.
Click HERE to see it!

This dress is super cute from J.Crew, but at $78...too much for me.  I'm too
Click HERE to see it!

And Target...oh how I love Target.  You can find things in all shapes and sizes, all colors of the rainbow and at every price tag imaginable.   From Merona to Mossimo..they have something for everyone in my opinion. Even the preggo!  Here are a few I love.

Only $27.99
Click HERE to view it!

LOVE the Chevron-ish print. 
Click HERE to view it!

I guess I have a thing for green too this  And only $ $18, I'd get two.  They have tons of colors.
Click HERE to view it!

Click HERE to view it!

Here's to warmer weather and sunny days!

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