Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Hoppy Easter to ALL!

We had a wonderful Easter with my in laws and our little family.   We had a great brunch of omelets, lox and bagels, bacon and of course TONS OF EASTER CANDY.  For this one day, and this one day only, I allowed candy to be a meal....well sort of.  My rule was that after breakfast it could be counted as brunch.   Crazy I know, but I remember myself getting an Easter basket full of candy and wanting to eat it all.

The best part is that once the sugar burned off...we had a great nap time this afternoon.  We had beautiful sunny weather and were able to have an outdoor egg hunt and spend hours playing outside with our new toys including a Power Rangers water shooter from the very generous Easter bunny!

Speaking of the Easter bunny...he was very kind to the little people of our house.  Here is the basket for the little boy of the house.  It's a good thing he can't read and see that the Easter bunny bought the Easter tablet at

And for the little lady...

Surprisingly, the toys were far more exciting than the candy this year...I guess I did well.  In previous years, they were ALL about candy and nothing else.   The Easter bunny sure scored this year.  My little guy is over the moon with his Power Ranger Zord (if you have a PR fan you totally know what this is, if not, you think I'm crazy that I and my daughter was sooooo excited with the book.  So fitting for their personalities.

Here's what my little guy's basket looked like withing 5 mins....grass in garbage, eggs sorted and toys open. Oh, and of course right in front of the door for someone to trip

I did some simple table decorations this year because it was just a few of us and brunch, but I still wanted something pretty and festive.  I used an old hand-me-down tablecloth from my mom that was handmade.  I can't remember if she made it or my grandmother (sorry, mom that I'm not giving proper credit...I love it just the same!)  It has hand stitched purple flowers so I tried to tie in a little purple and green.

I used my light green and cream colored dishes from my Southern Living at HOME basic and beautiful.  I mixed and matched them all together.

My favorite bunnies and sequins eggs from this post relocated themselves to the table and I added some tulip shaped crystal candlesticks.

Apparently I never found any new napkins since I cleaned out my hall closet and purged so many old ones...oops.  So....paper was all I had on hand and I had nothing festive because I was sure I had some.  Ooops!  So...I needed to add a little more color and I came up with these festive place cards.  They were easy.

Here's how to make your own.  Supplies - construction paper, glue, silver sharpie, fake gemstone.

Step 1: Cut out 2 flower shapes in two different sizes in the colors to work with your theme.

Step 2: Stack the smaller sized on top of the larger and glue.

Step 3: Cut out leaf shape and label with each name.

Step 4:  Glue leaf in place on side of flower and gemstone in middle! Voila!

I think they added a little color to our table!   They were a big hit!

I also wanted to do something fun for the kids.  Since I didn't have fabric napkins I couldn't make the cute bunny napkins I mentioned HERE.  So, I did the best I could with a paper napkin.

I also made the cute cups I mentioned HERE on a clear cup.

Cute kids' table setting.

After a wonderful brunch and some nice naps, we changed out of our "poshed up" Easter clothes and into some comfy clothes to play.  
Here's my favorite Power Ranger at play.

I hope you had a wonderfully HOPPY Easter with your family and loved ones.

Oh....and apologies for the poor picture quality.  They are all from my phone.  My new camera is supposed to arrive this week...I cannot wait!

Poshed Up

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