Monday, April 9, 2012

Adding some COLOR to your day!

As our weather begins to warm up in my part of the country, I daydream of hot and sunny days at the beach.  We are lucky enough to live 2 miles (at most) from the beach and live there during the summer months.  I just wish we could start a little earlier than Memorial Day which marks the official beginning of summer here.

As soon as the weather changes even slightly, out come the flip flops at my house.  I despise wearing shoes and LOVE the days I can slip on my favorite pair of Havianas.
If you are not familiar with are MISSING OUT.  They are THE most comfortable flip flops you will EVER wear.  They are imported from Brazil and they can be found at tons of different stores and online stores.   Here are a few of my favorites for this season.
And my favorite...
They range in price from $26 to over $200 for the extremely fancy ones.  I know even $26 seems like a lot for flip flops, but TRUST me....once you've worn them you won't want anything else.  They even have them for kids.  How cute are these?

I'm obviously in the market for some gold toned flip flops this year because they go with everything.   We'll see where I end up.  I just cannot decide.

Once the flip flops come out, it's also time for some pedicures to add some COLOR to my otherwise pale skin and toes.   I've become slightly obsessed with nail polish this winter since I finally stopped biting my nails after 20+ years of biting.  I'm loving the new accessory of painted nails!  Here are some fun new colors I'm loving for summer for both fingers and toes.

From Essie's Resort collection

"She's Picture Perfect" fun and has a little shimmer.

And a darker color...."No More Film"

From Essie's Luxeffects collection
"As Gold As It Gets"....LOVE!  Although, I'd like to see it on someone else

OPI's site is so cool.  You can preview what it each color would look like on someone's hand.  Fun and interactive!  And I love their themed collections.

My daughter is all about Nicki Minaj's "Fly" color.   

She had it done with none other than her favorite zebra stripes on her toes when I took her and her best friend for her friend's birthday.

And here were her friend's toes.  I love the pink and orange.
 alternating toes with white zebra.  You can really get creative at 10 years old.

I also love the surf and beach collections  by Zoya...
I'm going on Saturday so we'll see where I end up.  I'm leaning towards this fun Essie color "Watermelon".

Or Essie's "Bermuda Shorts".  What do you think?

I found some other really creative ideas for fun nails if you are more daring than I.  Check these out!

And my favorite....subtle.  I must have gold on my mind between the nail colors and flip flops.

I'd love to hear about some of your own ideas for fun colors or nail art...I need some inspiration!

Poshed Up

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