Friday, April 6, 2012

A beautiful Easter table...

I shared some fun ideas for some special Easter treats for the kids yesterday HERE...and I mentioned that I was going to share some ideas for decorating for the kids' table if you have one and I completely forgot.  So today....I will share some great ideas to decorate a festive Easter table for the kids as well as the big people table (as we call it at our house).

I've said it before and I still stand by tastes better on a beautiful table.  Not sure why, but I truly believe it.

What kid wouldn't LOVE this festive place setting at their Easter meal?

This adorable place setting is actually from a "Peter Rabbit" birthday party, but it totally lends itself to Easter.

Look at these adorable bunny cups...

And these bunny and chick cups and bunny straws are pretty darn cute too...

What kid wouldn't be excited over these adorable chick and bunny juice boxes that my friend Tina made?  So darn creative!

And I just adore these...carrot cutlery!  There's even a tutorial if you click on the link below the photo.

I think it's fun to add some special treats to the kid's table to get them excited to sit and eat.  At our house the kids just want to play, play, play and need the incentive to sit still for a meal.  So here's some fun ideas...

These bunnies would be cute as place cards too...filled with small toys or candy.

Or these sweet little flower cups would be great too...

How about a super easy centerpiece just for the kids made from plastic eggs?   

Speaking of plastic eggs...these would be fun for the kids to play with.  
I love the idea of placing them back in an empty egg carton!

While we're on the topic of centerpieces, I found some really creative ideas for your main table or counter for Easter.  I love tons of color this time of year and pretty flowers would be just as beautiful.  I shared a few great flower arrangements ideas HERE too.

I love these ideas...

This one is super simple...plastic eggs, a vase, and either fake or real pussy willows or other branches or greenery.

The next few all have fresh flowers and either candy or something else decorating the vase.  The key to success with these is to use a vase inside a vase.

These look like real eggs, but of course you could use fake as well.

This is just fun...and super colorful and tulips and daffodils are crazy cheap this time of year.

As much as I hate peeps...these next two are a great use of

I love this candy topiary and imagine you could re-use it....afterall, it's just candy right.  That's assuming no one tries to eat it!

As I've mentioned previously, everyday food items make GREAT decorating ideas.  Mother Nature has given us so much natural color so why not use it.
How about this one?

Check out these gorgeous tables set-ups for an Easter meal.  Maybe you don't have to go all out like some of these, but I like to take ideas for different ones I see to create my own.

What I love about the ones I'm showing are:  use of Spring colors, the mix and match and the use of every foods and items to add color to the table (ie. eggs, flowers).

The little cups full of jelly beans adds just a touch of color.

Small touches of color...

The candles and use of the mirror for reflection are so beautiful.

Simple and pretty with flowers and eggs.

And I have to try cute!

What table would be complete without some festive place cards?  

Super simple and homemade...right up my alley.  

Another cute idea for a peep since I'm not planning on eating them.

Simple and beautiful.

And I think this idea is BRILLIANT....chalkboard paint on eggs.  LOVE!

And lastly, a paper flower.

I hope some of these ideas inspire you for your big and little people tables for Easter.

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