Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter treats and party prep!

Just a few more days until Easter.  We are hosting a brunch with my in laws this year so I'm busy pulling together the menu and some quick and easy ideas for decorating the table.  Oh, and getting our baskets and egg hunt together too of course.  I shared some fun ideas for goodies other than candy for the baskets yesterday as well as some fun egg hunt ideas.  You can see them HERE.

Today I have some great ideas for special treats for the kids and some fun kids' table decorating ideas.

Whether you're hosting, visiting family or volunteered for a kids' snack at school or another activity these sweet treats are sure to please!

We'll start with cupcakes.  What kid doesn't love cupcakes...and what kid wouldn't be gaga over one of these?   If you click on the link below any of the photos, you can learn how to make them yourself and some of them are super simple if you have all of the ingredients!

My personal favorite...although I despise marshmallows.  I just love the details.

If cupcakes aren't what you fancy, how about one of these fun treats?

carrot cookies in Oreo cute.

Or maybe a cake?  I don't think my kids would eat the cake...the toppings are far too exciting!

And a few salty/sweet treats with pretzels...

Here is the treat I made for my son for his class party.  My son has severe food allergies so I have had to get very creative this year because his current school celebrates all of the holidays and has a special color day each month with a corresponding colored snack.   Here is my inspiration...

The ingredients included peanut butter, butterscotch, butter, chow mein noodles and semi-sweet chocolate chips.  My son is allergic to every single one of those ingredients. version includes:

Dairy, egg and soy free chocolate chips. (If you're wondering what on Earth IS in's carob and lots of sugar, but he loves them. )  I also used Mike and Ike's which he can eat (all sugar) and pretzels.

I lined my cupcake tin with waxed paper, broke the pretzels into tiny pieces, covered them with melted chips and added the Mike and Ike's.  

Into the fridge they went and here's the end result.  While they don't look as much like a nest as the originals, he was quite happy with them.  He is SOOO excited for a special treat!

One last cute idea to share are these adorable Easter bunnies that would be so fun for a special Easter brunch or breakfast...made from cinnamon rolls with blueberry eyes and almond teeth!

I hope you find something fun for your own celebration this weekend.  Tomorrow I have some great treats for the adults and some great centerpiece and table decorating ideas for you!

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