Friday, September 30, 2011

Pins of the Week

I missed last week so I have lots of pins to share today.  I'm going to share some new ideas, but also update you on a few I've tried, completed or have as a work in progress.   I personally am LOVING finding new ideas every day on pinterest. 


I shared this idea with you a few weeks back that you can buy on etsy from letterperfect designs if you love them and don't have the patience to make your own.  They really have some fun and incredible ideas.  Or if you're like have to at least attempt it by yourself first.  And I have finally finished my own that I promised to share so I'll start with that.
I'm very happy with how it turned out and it really wasn't too hard or expensive.  I plan on putting it on our mantle soon!

And I think these are a few other fun ideas to try with buttons.....

 I found these pictures of a family room/den and fell in love.  I love the mix of fabrics and colors and the comfortable feel.  Once I visited the website where the picture originated...I was blown away.  There is a house tour of this gorgeous home in is gorgeous and so realistic!  Check it out at La Dolce Vita.

I especially love the dark flooring.  It is so warm and inviting.  Unfortunately this couch wouldn't survive my house, but it is inviting and such a fun mix of patterns!  Great style Kyle!   I love to pick up small ideas from pictures and try just one in my home. 

So you might remember these...

Let's just say they were returned via UPS yesterday.  Not what I expected in person.  Photography surely can deceive.  The good news is...these beauties arrived this week and this weekend should be PERFECT weather to try them out!

They are STUNNING!  If I hadn't mentioned before...I adore anything red and these babies take the cake.  They weren't exactly cheap since they were only distributed overseas, but they are so worth it and a classic addition.

I also recently discovered  Check it out if you haven't already...another totally addicting vice of mine.  You basically can
e-window shop and create layouts of outfits prior to buying.  Here are 2 created by others that include my new beauties...cute right?

And...they also come in navy!  So fun!


 We are in the planning process right now for my little guy's 5th birthday party and I working on this.   My 1st take was not how I wanted it so back to the drawing board.  I think it's so fun and festive and since it's made of should withstand many a future party! 
Check out the instructions here at Two More Seconds


I have been meal planning every wekeend for the upcoming week and trying to cook at least 3 school nights a week.  My husband loves to cook so I let him cover the weekend nights.  I have tried many recipes I've found online and not liked many to be totally honest (and I'm not a picky eater).  I actually threw away one last night it was so awful.  But...this one was a family pleaser that we will be trying again soon. was super easy.  Check it out at Annie's Eats.
We had it with rice and a vegetable and everyone asked for seconds.  LOVE that!

And last but certainly not least...a great quote that I've heard many times and always love.
There is a free printable available on Just Sweet & Simple

Enjoy and Happy Pinning!

Poshed Up

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