Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's PaRtY Time!

Whether you're planning your own Halloween soiree, the class mom for Halloween snacks or just want some fun ideas to thrill your kids this season....check out these amazing and fun ideas for Halloween-themed snacks and treats!

Generally fun snacks don't tend to be the healthiest.   Fun, but sometimes sugar overload.  While I have plenty of those to share, I found some great ideas to keep it fun and festive while still healthy.  These are especially healthy if you live in a school district like ours where you cannot bring in a snack with sugar as the 1st ingredient.  You really have to get creative.  Here a few really fun ideas:

A simple, but adorable idea from 'The Princess and the Frog Blog'.... so easy, but this would be great especially for the littlest ones.  I will be stealing this for a fun lunchbox treat on Halloween for sure!

Or, this simple cookie cutter idea for orange colored foods from 'Bento Mama'.  Love those bento many fun ideas!  This will come in handy for my little guy's orange day snack at preschool. 

And another fun, healthy snack that really isn't too difficult for even the busiest of moms.   Carrots and dip....not too difficult, right?

Or how about a fun party mix...either at the party or put in the festive cello bags you can find at any dollar store this time of year as a party treat at school.  Who doesn't love a party mix?

                                                                 From 'Just Make Stuff '

And this fabulous spread...may be more appropriate for an adult costume party, but still so fun!
This idea is compliments of 'Feeding Frenzy'....

I can't get over this...I love the use of the head for the dip.  So darn creative.  Almost too cute to eat!

And lastly, another fun idea from Better Homes & Gardens.

And now on to the not-so-healthy treats....

Witches hats....2 different takes on the same treats using upside-down fudge stripes and a Hershey's Kiss.

                                                                  From Barb Schram

How about some mummy snacks?   I have an affection for these 2 out of all of them and I think it's the adorable detail on the eyes...

From 'The Idea Room' 
                                                                 From 'The Workman Family Blog'

How about the always popular Rice Krispie Treat gone Halloween?
How fun are these...

Or any of these beauties....hard work, but so cute!

And boy do I have some fun cupcakes to share.  It's amazing to me how cupcakes have become the new chic thing to serve at any party....big or small, kids or adults when growing up they were reserved solely for kids' birthday parties.  They are sure to be some crowd pleasers!

First, from Better Homes & Gardens...these 2 cute ideas. 
 Check out their Halloween cupcake section for some other clever ideas.

Their version of a peeking monster....
                                                                         Or any of their spiders
These witches from 'Amy Atlas Events' are so creative.  I love the licorice hair!

These next few just take the pun intended.

                                          Or these "creepcakes" from 'Cake Info Blog'

And my personal favorite.  Not sure if kids would think it's quite as funny as adults, but I think it is so inventive!  From 'Simply Sweeter' and a 2009 Martha Stewart Cupcake Contest winner....

Last, but certainly not least is one that I've tried...well sort of.  I make a version of this for Christmas and just made a fall version for my book club.  So easy!  Not quite sure how candy corn will taste with pretzels and Hershey's Hugs, but they are so fun!

Happy Snacking!

Poshed Up

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