Saturday, September 3, 2011

My favorite pins of the week!

For those of you who have not yet discovered NEED to check it out.    I introduced 2 friends to it this past week and I am excited to hear what they think.

So what is Pinterest?  

  • It is the invention I wish I had thought of myself
  • It is the smartest thing I've ever seen on the web
  • It is the best organizational tool on the web
  • It is an e-bulletin board
  • It is a HUGE time stealer

Why should you too join and get sucked in?

Pinterest gives you the ability  to save pictures, how-to's, party ideas, whatever you encounter
when you are surfing the web or blog surfing

Why is it better than just saving websites to your favorites?

It gives you the ability to save just 1 item on a website or blog and returning to that specific item later.
It also gives you the ability to create "boards" and organize your pins into different categories.   Check out my pin boards by clicking here so you'll understand exactly what I mean.

Can you tell I love it?   And...I was not paid to say that!

So...that all being said, I'm going to start sharing my favorites PINS OF THE WEEK!

Here's my favs for this past week:


Great craft idea....check it out by visiting my pin by clicking here
I bought my own canvas, fabric and buttons yesterday for a total of about $15 and I will be making mine soon for my fireplace.  I'll share it once it's completed!

FOR THE HOME too.   I love anything by Katie Daisy.  Check her out by clicking here.  She's fabtastic!!!!!


I love the relaxed feel of this outfit without the slob effect.   If you know me well, you'll also know that I adore all things red so this sweater is soooo up my alley.  And....if you love fashion like me...check out by clicking here.    Totally addicting!


Use a dish rack to hold all of the kids homework items, workbooks, etc.   Genius!  Check it out via my pin here.


I hope you enjoy.....happy pinning!

Poshed Up

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  1. I wish I came up with that too! I just requested an invite. Love the organization tips. Thanks, as always for the great post and ideas! I want to chat about how you will make the button letter!