Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pumpkins Galore....

If you didn't gather from my previous posts, I LOVE everything about fall and halloween.  And most of all...I love pumpkins.  Pumpkin picking, pumpkin carving, decorating with pumpkins and even pumpkin desserts and coffee.  I have some great recipes to share, but first...some fun pumpkin ideas for carving and decorating.

The season of pumpkin picking has begun.  We went last Saturday for a quick stop just to get a few to decorate with and I think my little ones have become pumpkin crazed just like their momma.   They have been badgering me to go to our local farm since Labor Day.  I was able to hold them off until this past weekend.  Here they are taking a few pics...

I'm still waiting for the day that my little guy will pay attention long enough for a picture!

We only went home that day with a few sugar pumpkins and some gourds, but we are making plans for a full-day of pumpkin picking and hay rides soon.   Once we have our pumpkins, we are going to get to work on decorating and carving them.  While searching for ideas for our own, I found TONS of great ideas that I wanted to share with all of you.

They range in difficulty and time to do them, but they are all so fun that I had to share.  I'm listing them in level of ability (based on my own thoughts) so that if you aren't so crafty or interested in spending the time, you can find some ideas just right for you! 

The first group of ideas are all no-carve ideas.. This not only makes it easier, but it allows your pumpkins to last longer.  Here are a few on the easier side, but still beauties. 

Cut out pictures to adhere to your pumpkins...

How cute is this owl from

Or this idea from Good Housekeeping to add a mask to your can get the templates by clicking here.

All you'll need for this next group is a hot glue gun and some festive ribbon and/or ric rac
 (found at any craft or fabric store).

From designer Eddie Ross 

From Haley at The Autocrat

Still in the easy category, but a bit harder...these monogrammed beauties were made using Mod Podge.  If you've never used it, it's like really sticking stuff that adheres anything to anything and is GREAT for crafting (also found at any craft store.)

From Kierste at Brown Paper Packages

Aren't they fun???

These pumpkins from also done using Mod Podge and leaves.....
I love this idea as a table centerpiece.

The next idea is to paint the pumpkins and/or stencil them. 
This requires a bit more work, but they sure are fun!


My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE and must try for this year.   Isn't it beautiful? 

Not sure about bugs on my mantle, but I can tell you that my daughter will go crazy
for the zebra printed one.  She love anything zebra...and I mean anything.  Hope this phase passes

I have a love of monogramming and think this one is so fun!

Or how about gold and black pumpkins...very fancy.  From Country Living.

And one for the Hello Kitty fan in your life!
Now for some great carving ideas.  Now I know by now some of you are thinking I must have WAY too much time on my hands.  Well, no I wish I could say I do.  I have way too much ambition and love of crafting actually.   I also LOVE decorating and crafting.  We all have our vices I suppose.  Humor me and keep reading....

These are fun but definitely more difficult because you don't want to carve all the way through the pumpkin.   This allows for it to glow better at night.  But...if you have crazy squirrels in your area like me, all of your hard work will go to waste quickly.

These are actually carved using cookie cutters and a rubber mallet....GENIUS!  Click here for a tutorial from

Or how about simple circles or polka dots that are so fun when the pumpkin is lit.....

Or if you're really ambitious...this is funny!

And lastly, here's a great website for some carving patterns if you dare....from The Pumpkin Lady.

The last idea I have to share is so much fun, but too much work for me.  If you try it or any of the other ideas or your own...PLEASE share.  People love to see new ideas and I love to share them.  This idea is from Better Homes & Gardens and it is just so much fun...wish I had full-time stylist like they do!

And just to prove that I truly love this stuff...I thought I'd share a few pumpkins of ours from the me crazy I know!

That was hard and really not so pretty up close....
I'm really not so great at carving and hate the mess.

And last year's....
I'm excited to try something new.

I'll share once they are complete!  Please share yours too!

Poshed Up

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