Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trick or Treat Bag Update

I have been working on a bunch of trick or treating bags this past month and really enjoying it because it's getting me in the mood for the holiday.  I am so thankful that they have been so popular!

Here a few of the completed orders....

These are for siblings...boy and girl in Massachusetts!

For another set of siblings in California!

For my own little ones...

I have a few more that I've done, but not photographed and  4 more to complete this week...yikes!

And....I was asked to partner with a local magazine in Florda as part of their "Halloween Fun" series.   They will be advertising "Poshed Up" via their Facebook page, in the magazine and on Twitter.  I'm very honored to have been asked.  Here are the bags they are featuring...

You can check out the magazine's Facebook page by clicking here.

I am enjoying working on these, but my supplies are becoming VERY limited.  I am soon going to only create completed bags which means they won't have personalization options.   If you are at all interested in a bag of your own, please feel free to visit "Poshed Up" on etsy by clicking here.

It's almost time to start working on my Christmas project...can't wait!!

Poshed Up

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