Wednesday, January 11, 2012

5 Things I'm LOVING this week....

I wanted to share 5 Things That I'm LOVING this week.....
more because I don't want to bore those of you who despise organization!!

What I'm LOVING this week....

#1 - FLOWERS -A hint of Spring in my kitchen.  I got these beauties at the grocery store yesterday for $4 a bunch.  So worth my $8 to brighten my days as the days to turn to evening at 4pm these days.  They give me hope of warmer weather to come.    Go buy yourself some flowers....I do it at least twice a month....just because I can!

#2 - COFFEE MATE PEPPERMINT MOCHA CREAMER- Yummmmmm.   This is the last little bit of the holidays and I'm just not ready to give it up.   I NEED it every afternoon in my afternoon coffee so I can get through the rest of the       It is amazing!     Oh and my travel mug is essential since we're so rarely home in the my little piece of heaven can travel with us :)

#3 - THIS SONG-  I admit it...I'm a HUGE Country music fan.   I live in the Northeast, but have family in the South so maybe that's where I first fell in love.  Or it could have been because of my days at's like a little South up there.    Anyway, I love the innocence of Country music and the love stories. This one has me BIG time!  He's pretty easy on the eyes too....

#4  THIS BOOK - Oh my...I think this is my new favorite book and I'm already on #2 in the series.  It is listed in the category "Young Adult" but I think this book is for everyone.  I have been talking about it like CRAZY.   It is so hard to explain, but it's just so engaging.    Such a quick read too.  And...there's a movie coming out on March 23rd.   I cannot wait!

#5 THE BEACHCOMBER BAG-  Drool.  First of all I have a small (ok, large) obsession with bags.  I'm an accessory junkie.  I feel like an accessory can dress up even the plainest of outfits and I'm pretty plain Jane when it comes to colors.  But...I LOVE a bold set of earrings, shoes or a great bag.  And...this one from Boden certainly fits the bill.

I of course would want the one in red (hint, hint if anyone who might reading this might be in the market for gifting any time soon).  I also adore all things British...not sure why, just do!

The only thing I'm not loving is the $78 price tag.  You see while I love shopping, clothing and accessories...I'm cheap and would rather have 20 instead of 1 expensive one because I change my taste too often!

That's what I'm loving today!   What are you loving????

I'm working on a great post for Operation OrGaNiZaTiOn Part 2 for tomorrow...stay tuned!

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