Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer, summer, summertime!

Well the beach season has officially kicked off for our family and I am LOVING it!  We spent the past weekend enjoying the warmer (ok, HOT) weather here in the Northeast and lazy days on the beach.  My daughter played in a soccer tournament both Saturday and Sunday so she and I spent the days together and I sent the boys to the beach.

I truly love her dedication to the sport and her ability to not let her size interfere with her thoughts on the field.  In fact, I think at times she plays a little too rough and needs to chill out.  The second picture here gives you an idea of how much smaller she is that most of her opponents.

It was crazy hot to be playing soccer, but she was certainly a trooper.  They played some really tough teams and finished the weekend with 2 ties, 1 loss and 1 big WIN!   It was so great to see the team enjoying their down time in between games together playing games and having a picnic in the shade.
She is the one on the ground with the glasses and a bright red face.    So proud of these girls!

My little guy kicked off the holiday weekend with a school "concert"/"show" all about the beach.  They were SO excited to be able to wear their bathing suits to school and they made the cutest little homemade paper plate visors.

He was thrilled to have grandparents, both my husband and I and his aunt there to cheer him on.   He is truly the class clown and had everyone laughing.

We spent the remainder of the weekend soaking up the rays at the beach.  It was fantastic!  We had one day that was a bit chilly, hence the sweatshirt, but the remainder of the weekend was simply gorgeous.  We enjoyed swimming, sunning and just having fun with our friends!

My camera has this cool feature where you can make a picture watercolor.  I just loved this!

One of my favorite parts of enjoying days at the beach is packing up our beach bags and coolers with snacks, salads, and a change of clothes and staying ALL day!  Not only do I love being at the beach, but I love not being home.  That means - #1 - no laundry, #2 - no cleaning and most importantly, my house doesn't get messy!

This week has been crazy with preschool ending tomorrow for my little guy, but we are excited to have many a beach day soon to come!

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