Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pins of the Week

Life has been nothing short of CrAzY lately with the end of preschool for one, end of a soccer season, opening of our beach club and finally...end of the school year for my daughter tomorrow.  Woo Hoo!  I need to get on a better schedule than we've been on.  We've been burning the candle at both ends for a few weeks now running from activity to activity, staying up way too late enjoying the weather and sunlight, visiting with friends and it has caught up.   We even had an impromptu play date in our PJ's yesterday.   Needless to say, I ended up sick last week with an ear infection and so forth and finally feel better this week.

So, with that said, I have been very negligent of this blog.  I have been very busy with teacher gift order of beach bags and other bags and I am soooo grateful that the shop is nearly sold out.  I need to re-stock soon, but still have a few more orders to fill.  Thank you to all who have supported my business...we're nearing a year already and I'll keep you posted on a big celebration sale in July.

I thought I'd do a quick "Pins of the Week" post today before I run to my daughter's school to deliver some teacher gifts (homemade bags  and zippered pouches and gift cards of course).  
(and yes those are play handcuffs in the

So here you have it...I've even been neglecting Pinterest if you can believe that.  The nerve.


We love to make friendship bracelets in the summer or really in any down time we have.   I recently found a very cool kit with these cardboard wheels that you use as a guide to make all sorts of really neat bracelets.   I thought this is super fun too and simple directions.   Last summer as one of my very first blog posts HERE I mentioned that we were knee deep in bracelet making at the beach.



I had been planning on doing an entire post dedicated to Father's Day ideas, but since time is slipping by...I thought I'd just share some of the 'Tip Junkie's' great homemade ideas.   We are working on finishing up our crafts today in time to celebrate our favorite daddy this weekend!


I have been pinning tons of stripes in rooms lately and I guess I really want some in my house.  I think I'm sold on this idea for my daughter's bathroom that I truly despise right now.  We have not painted 1 wall since moving in 6 years ago this July.  Oh, wait, that's not daughter and I painted her room last year.  Besides that though, not 1 wall has changed because when we moved in we were happy with the colors and I was soon expecting the rambunctious boy I now have and expected many dinged and chipped walls.  I think it's finally time to get rid of the peach bathroom (no offense to those of you who like peach) and bring in a more beachy feel to my daughter's bathroom.


A step by step guide to turn an ordinary sock into a teddy bear.  So cute.  I love up cycling too!   I think this is a great rainy day project for us this summer.  I'm hoping the past week's weather is no indication of our summer weather to come or we'll be making tons of sock


No explanation necessary other than...who wouldn't want one?  I do not like putting the DEET sprays on myself or my children so this is perfect.


Oh my this is GOOD!  We had my in laws for dinner a few weeks ago and decided to grill outside (Mother Nature of course had to ruin it for us).... I digress.  We decided on grilled fish, grilled zucchini and this Fiesta Lime Rice.  SOOOO GOOD and SUPER simple.  We will definitely be making this one again...OFTEN!


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