Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List

Have you seen this idea to do with your children?

The first 2 are from 2 of my absolute favorite blogs "The Pleated Poppy" and "Whatever".  I love these girls for so many different reasons...they are super crafty, love to sew, love to do crafts with the kids, they both have a unique sense of style and decorating and.....they love life and their families.  I love to read them.

Anyway, these Summer Lists are a collection of all of the things you and your family/kids would like to do over the summer.   For me, it's a way to make sure we don't spend every rainy day in front of the TV and a motivator for me to get us all out and doing something.  For the kids, it's something to look forward to and something to do every single day.   I decided to try it this year and I'll admit I'm very apprehensive.  I'm afraid of over scheduling our summer.

So, to avoid doing so....I had rules for this endeavor.

#1- It has to be something that all of us can enjoy together  
(no, skydiving or other crazy daredevil things I'd never do)

#2- It has to be something we can either make or buy for little money
(no, going to NYC and buying whatever we want nonsense that is sure to come up)

#3- It has to be something that we don't get to do often
(no, sitting in front of the TV all day)

#4- It cannot entail travel
(no, spur of the moment trips to Disney or Hawaii (my daughter's dream))

That pretty much allows for me to keep control...isn't that what it's all about.  Lol.

So here is what we collectively came up with:

As you'll see I caved on the first one because my daughter has wanted to go to the Statue of Libery FOREVER...and since I studied Ellis Island in 8th grade for the history fair and have never been...I caved.

Now just for the record, here is my summer bucket list:

Go to the beach
Read and complete at least 1 book each month
Hot baths
Pedicure weekly
Hire cleaning lady

Think they'll go along with it???

Summer has officially begun and we are loving it so far.  Enjoy your summer too!   Make the most of every day!

Poshed Up

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