Thursday, October 13, 2011

Last few Halloween goodies!

I have been very negligent with my blog this past week and I'm sorry for those of you who are frequent visitors.  I myself am a daily visitor of a few favorite blogs and am always disappointed when they haven't posted anything new for my reading pleasure.  So...I truly apologize.

I have been VERY busy planning for my 5 yr. old's birthday party at my house this Sunday.  I cannot WAIT to share pictures with all of you, but you'll have to wait a few days more.  It's going to be so much fun....or at least I think so :)

Anyway.....I have a few more fun ideas to share with you for Halloween.  It's crazy to think that this fun day of treats and costumes is only 2 weeks away.  Yikes!  Good thing my kids pick their costumes in May...kidding!  They are true planners at heart just like me so I am thrilled that we're not scrambling to find something.

I don't know about in your part of the country, but here where we live, "BOO'ing" or "Ghosting" is the fun thing to do for Halloween.  I must admit that I am a bit behind on this one as we already got boo'd last week!   If you're not familiar with this tradition, you basically wrap up some fun treats, candy, small toys or any other fun Halloween goodies and deliver them to a few friends with a sweet poem (I'll share later in this post).   The fun part though is that you don't let them know it's from you. 

That is always the best part for us...the ringing of the doorbell and the sprint back to the car.  I wish I had it on film from years past because it is such a great memory for us.  And after you've been boo'd, you are supposed to hang up the sign stating that you've been boo'd so you don't get it again. is a really great "BOO'ing" idea from 'The TomKat Studios'.....a personal fav blog !  If you visit her site, she's been kind enough to share this with all of us.

Here's another really sweet (no pun intended) idea from 'Chickabug' and 'HowDoesShe?'.  They've also been nice enough to provide a free download that you can access by clicking here.

How excited would you be....I mean how excited would your kids be to get this bag of goodies on their doorstep?

How about using a plain brown bag jazzed up with some fun Halloween printables from 'It Is What It Is'
 So fun.

Click here for the free printable and instructions on printing.

We have gotten all kinds of fun treats and toys in our bags when we've been boo'd.   I have some fun ideas up my sleeve for this year, but I can't share them here in case any of you are our target.  I wouldn't want to give away our identity...ha ha!   I will share them soon though.

Here are a few fun ideas that you could either include when boo'ing or they would be great classmate gifts if you give them.  I try to give something small to all of my children's classmates for a few major holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's) and since we are a crafty family...we like to make them.  That's the fun for my kids!

I LOVE these sweet little owl tags from 'Living Locurto' as an attachment to your child's gift.  These would be especially great for the little ones.

Click here for the free printable.

I love these festive goodies for the inside of the bag or to give as gifts at school, church,  bus driver, teachers...or anyone!

How about some lollipops in either a pumpkin, ghost or spider?  From 'ohdeedoh'!

Or some pumpkins filled with small candies that your child gets to break open....from 'Positively Splendid'.

This use of the candy is so creative.  
Not sure exactly which they used, but I'm sure you could use smarties or some other cylindrical candy (big word, huh?)

And who doesn't love chocolate pretzels...especially when they are this beautiful.  These little beauties come from 'Baked Perfection'.  What a sweet idea for a teacher gift!

Speaking of teacher is what we gifted last year and they were so easy and a huge hit.  They are made with a Hershey's Bar, but you could really use any candy bar you choose.
This idea comes from 'Skip to My Lou'...a blog I just devour!


Ours.....and if I remember correctly, we put a label on the back with a message!  So simple!

And lastly, I leave you with the sweetest little Halloween goody I've seen to date.   I just LOVE paper dolls and think these would be so fun for little ones...and a great small motor activity too! 

Happy Boo'ing!

Poshed Up

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