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Ooh La La!

I can vividly remember shopping for back to school clothes on my annual visit to my grandparents house in North Carolina every year.   I LOVED going and getting new clothes for school.  I also remember wanting to wear all of it before school even started, but wearing sweaters in August didn't really make a ton of sense, so instead I just kept re-trying it all on.   A little obsessive compulsive preview I suppose.

We here have done all of our back to school shopping to hold us over until the true winter comes and Christmastime when we get some new things again.  We have gone clothes and shoe shopping and surprise, daughter has worn everything already and school doesn't start until next week.

If you have already started in your area, this post may give you some ideas of some fun, fashionable and reasonably priced items.  I am not one to spend a lot on my childrens' clothes, or maybe I should say on any 1 item that is.  That being said, I care a little too much at times about what they look like so....I'm learned how to find the deals and great style with a small budget.

Here are my must-haves for back to school shopping for each child:

1.  Everyday shoes
2.  Boots (not rain or snow)
3.  Sneakers
4.  Vests
5.  Winter coat  (only if the one from the previous year is too small)
6.  Jeans/Jeggings/Leggings for Girl
7.  Jeans and Cords for Boy
8.  Sweater or Maybe Sweaters :)
9.  Dress or Dressy outfit for picture day (we generally re-purpose this for our Thanksgiving outfit)

Here are some things I LOVED for my daughter.  She is going into 4th grade, but many could translate to an older child too.  

This beauty would be perfect for picture day with a great pair of tights and boots.  It's from Mini Boden so it's a little pricier than I'd like to spend at $48...but boy is it cute. 

Or how about this sweet, sweet dress from Zara?  Drool....   also gorgeous with some tall boots or sweet ballet flats.  
And speaking of boots....I LOVE these and wish I could find them in my size.  Also from Mini Boden and WAY more than I would ever spend on a child's shoe.  
These are equally cute and definitely something I would buy.   I don't have my daughter convinced of how cute they are yet though.  These are from  The Children's Place and so much more realistically priced at only $29.95. 
My girlfriend found the cutest little shoes for little girls and I have to share them.  They are from Target and come in a variety of colors and I just love these.  Only wish I had some little feet to wear them.  

And... they are ONLY...ready for this $14.99.   At that price, you can get one of every color !
A few other pieces we invested in this year for my daughter were a jean jacket and some great sweaters.  The jean jacket will carry us through the early Fall and is a great layer that matches with absolutely everything.  It looks great with a dress, leggings, skirts and accesorizes really easily.  How cute is this look from Old Navy?   And I love this sweater also from Old would make a great jacket in the early Fall. would provide a great layer over the graphic tees that my daughter seems to fall in love with....our area of disagreement! 

They even make the little girl version at Old Navy sweet is this?  I  love the toggle buttons.  

 And as I mentioned previously, I think a great winter coat and vest are essential.  We are BIG into layering in our family and wear a sweater, vest and hat and gloves well into December.  This is my daughter last year in her sweater and vest.

 Here are a few I loved for both big and little girls because of their vibrant colors.  I am one who believes that color does not have to be saved for the summer and spring only.  

Love this vibrant color in the winter.   Great coat from Old Navy!

And I love this bright blue vest to add a splash of summer into those cold fall and winter days from Justice.

  And for little girls.... I love this coat from H&M....they really have amazing prices.  This classic peacoat is only $19.95.

Again from Old can't beat their prices and the quality is really terffic!


 So that covers my major back to school must-have categories for girls, here are some of my favorites for little boys.  I didn't even tackle big boys because I think that's when you really lose control over your child's clothing choices....not that I have too much say with my 9 year old, but still a little influence you might say.

I personally like to dress my son like a mini man.  I'm not big into sweats and tees and as long as he'll let me, that's how it will be.  Here's a picture of the handsome devil last fall in his cords and layers with his can see them in the background mirror.

For shoes, I am ALL about a nice pair of boots on a boy.  Here are some that I have my eye on.

Of course I LOVE these boots from Mini Boden, but again cannot justify the price.  My little guy had a pair just like these last year that I found at the Gap Outlet so I'll have to keep looking.  But aren't they great? 

And these are more reasonable at $19.94 and still nice looking from my old standby....Old NavyAnd they have laces so we can start practicing our bunny ears.

Or how about these great hi-top sneaks....too cute!    Of  course...Old Navy.  Do you see why I get so many bucks back from their membership program?

Here's a great look with the shoes, jeans and my style for my little dude!

                               Or this one from Gap Kids....again with the vest.

I really LOVE The Children's Place for little boy clothing.  Their clothes launder well and still look nice at a great price.  And...they have great coupons ALL THE TIME.  Just give them your email and you'll get tons.

Here is the vest we bought this year for my son....


And as mentioned earlier...I love my son to look like a little man.  What better way than with a great pair of cords, button down shirt and sweater.  Love this combo together.
                The Children's Place
                  The Children's Place

Here's a few of my favorites to have a little fun with my son and a more relaxed style.   
Old Navy
Old Navy

So that wraps up my picks for Fall back to school fashion for kids.  If you share my taste in your kids' clothing...follow my kids' clothing page on pinterest by clicking here.  I am constantly e-window shopping and adding things to my list of must-pins/haves! 

I leave you with a picture of my little guys last year in the Fall in their layers and vests....

I hope you'll come back and visit because we will have great back to school lunchbox and snack ideas to share!  If you have any yourself, please email me at so I can include yours!

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  1. Great post! I just bought those Target mary janes for the girls and now you have me drooling over the Zara dress.....