Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentine's Day Roundup

With only 2 weeks left until Valentine's Day I need to get my butt in motion.  I have been so consumed with my office re-do that I have neglected decorating and crafting for the big day.  I have already warned told my family that this weekend we are knee deep in Valentine's.

We will be working on our class Valentine's for only my son this year, sniff sniff.  My daughter has reached the age where it's not cool to have a crafty mom and/or bring in Valentine's Day cards.  So sad.   Technically I had time to adjust because last year she tortured me by using store-bought cards.   That leaves a heavy burden on my son for the next few years. Thankfully he loves the homemade ones as much as I do.  He already made me this one a few weeks back.

Here they were just a year ago working hard on their cards.

Here are a few that they made...

a pop up card

Teacher's cards...

and my daughter's very creative "love scale" for my husband's card

I can't wait to see what this year brings.

Here is what our Valentine's Day "cards" looked like for my son's classmates last year.  Last year he had a tiny class of only 4 boys and 5 girls so we could do a little more.  This year he's one of 25 kids, so we'll be scaling down a bit.

For the boys last year...we got the printable tag from HERE

And for the girls we made our own tags and filled the bags with animal puzzle erasers.

Front ...this was a unicorn.


So this year I have the idea all ready to go and am excited to get started on it this weekend.   I will share it as we get closer.   Here are a few other great ideas I found.  We cannot send candy or food treats at our school so I am sharing ideas both with and without in case you're in the same boat.

Candy free ideas

Ideas with candy

I love the creativity in these!

We also always make something for our teachers.  Nothing big, just a little something and a homemade card to go with it.  Here are our teacher Valentine's from last year.

From my daughter to her 4th grade teacher.  What teacher doesn't need some supplies, right?

A close up of the tag.

And from my little guy to his preschool teachers...hand lotion.

This idea is originally from Spoonful, previously known as Family Fun.  

Another idea we love to do is homemade bookmarks with scrapbook paper and then laminate them at Staples and attach them to a Barnes & Noble gift card.  Fun for the kids to make!

I'm not quite sure what my son will be giving his teachers this year yet, but here are a few cute ideas I found.

And this one is just so darn cute and creative...

I have some other fun ideas to share to celebrate the big day with your little ones as we get closer.  Stay tuned!

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