Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it....

I am definitely aging myself with this title I'm sure, but it truly sums things up for me.  After all of the Christmas festivities have ended and the decorations have come down I really struggle with what to do with myself.  Yes, I still am a mom by day and have a great business too, but I feel like my energy is misdirected until Spring.

Not this year......I am so excited that I am in the process of designing my DREAM office/craft/sewing room! Woo HOO!!!!    When we moved into our house 6 years ago, my husband was working from home.   Our house has 5 bedrooms and a small built in office off the kitchen.  We decided to use the bedroom that is connected to that as a playroom and one of the others at the other end of the house became his office. This was great when the kids were younger because I could work (I was formerly a Southern Living at HOME consultant), watch the kids in the playroom and/or go back and forth to the kitchen as necessary.  It also gave him quiet away from the craziness that was going on near the kitchen most days.

Well now that my business has expanded and my husband has now starting working in an office outside our home (for 2 1/2 years now), I nagged him  got him to gladly agree to switch spaces.   He uses his office primarily as storage and to do computer work and I desperately needed more space to add furniture for my sewing machine and my business so it worked out great! for me.  Ha Ha

So I have known for awhile what my dream space would have and here are a few pictures that I have been pinning on Pinterest of course for my dream space.   I can picture every single detail in my head and hope it comes together as great as I think it will!

The walls-

Here is a picture I have been admiring for some time now and I absolutely adore the color.  I grew up in a yellow bedroom so I don't know if that's why I'm so drawn to it or if it's my love of warm colors, but it's such a happy space.

I loved the stripes, but besides the horizontal stripes I was kind of stuck on what other colors I wanted to add in to my dream space.  So I kept looking and stumbled upon these few photos which I loved equally as much.  

Now my entire house besides my daughter's room is done in warm tones- mustards, reds, browns, etc. so grey is a bit of a change for me.  I think I'm ready though.  For some reason the entire palate I have chosen for my dream space is cool colors.  Must be the new me as I approach

Taupe color

Grey color

Way back in March of last year I had included this room in this post for my "Pins of the Week" and obviously I still have it on my mind.

At this point I was kind of stuck and loved both the taupe and grey.   So I consulted with my good friend Janelle who is a color consultant and owns her own amazing business, Fresh Nest Color & Design.   I highly recommend her and I just knew she'd have the right answer for me.  Here was my all over the place dilemma I presented her with...

"I am hoping to re-do an office in our home into a sewing/craft room and had an opinion question on color if you don't mind. I really want large horizontal stripes on the wall since it's an opportunity to try something fun and I'm between white and pale grey with mustard or navy accents in a rug and curtains or white and mustard stripes with navy accents. Any thoughts?"

Her response which helped me tremendously...

"As for your room, i'd consider what other colors are visable from that space or from other spaces into that space. Are there other pops of color where the subtly of the grey and white might be welcomed? Or do you need a fresh pop of color? Either could totally work. The grey and white is obviously safer and might tire less quickly. Also, if you have a lot of things for your wall, the grey will look less 'busy'.
BUT, I'm a fan of pops of color, so I'd probably go with the white and mustard stripes because it's all about honoring your personality. Navy is a pretty easy color for accents as they're all relatively standard (which some variation in saturation), whereas mustards are all over the board, so it might be more difficult to find all the same color mustard accents without a big search (or at least that harmonize well)."

When Janelle said, "tire less quickly" and "honoring my personality"  I realized that 

A- I would definitely tire of the mustard color and 
B- I'm not sure that the mustard was my personality so much as the navy

I got a sample of both shades and put them on the wall and I am going with the grey.  My daughter prefers the taupe, and since we never agree I knew I made the right decision...ha ha.  It wouldn't be a normal day if we didn't have opposite opinions...mainly on fashion and/or decorating.

The furniture-

Luckily I had some furniture to work with.  My old office that I switched from had a beautiful built in desk with a granite top that matched our kitchen so it obviously stayed as well as the 2 bookcases I had from Ikea that fit perfectly.   In my husband's office (which is now my dream space), he had been using an old desk and bookcases of mine from my last house that were also from Ikea and are in their grey/brown tone. 

In addition to a desk and bookshelf space what I really needed was more space for cutting my fabric and sewing my fabrics.  Previous to the switch I had been using our kitchen island as my cutting counter and a card table for my sewing table and it just wasn't functional anymore.  So....I hunted and hunted for just the right thing.  I started with Ikea because I have always found functional and reasonably priced things here in the past.    I didn't find exactly what I was looking for there unfortunately.  And then.....I found this collection from none other than Martha Stewart the Queen of Craft.

Now I don't like the green color, but I ADORE everything about this line of furniture.  I cannot WAIT until the pieces I ordered arrive.  You'll just have to wait to see which ones will be part of my dream space!!!
The only downside is that I will have to assemble!

Here are a few other craft rooms that helped to inspire my own...

I think I have finally settled on my color scheme and I cannot wait to share pictures of the finished product.  I will of course take some befores and lots of the details once it all starts to come together.  I starting painting this week and I can't wait to share.  Yay!   I am sooo excited about this new space!

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  1. What a fun and inspiring story! So happy for you Melissa! Can't wait to see the room in progress and of course.....the finished product! Xo, Kelli W.