Monday, May 21, 2012

You've Got A Friend In Me....

Every year it seems that my children make a new friend throughout the school year.  Regardless of whether or not they have some familiar faces from a previous year in their class, they inevitably find someone new who becomes an important part of their school year.  I just love that.  I love that they want to meet new people, that they share special moments at school with new people and that others are interested in becoming their friends too!

My son started a new preschool this past year so everyone was new for him and I am so proud of him for jumping in without hesitation and becoming friends with both the boys and the girls in his little class.   He has made some great little buddies this past year and I'm so hoping to keep in touch with these new friends of his even though we won't all be together for Kindergarten next year.

Every year we like to do something small for our friends from our class.   The idea is to just make it special and not break the bank.  I was in search of a new idea this year and found some fun ideas on Pinterest.

While I think this idea is super cute, I'm not a huge Kool-Aid fan.   In my former life I worked in advertising and had Kool-Aid as one of my clients so I know too much I think.  Plus, any food or beverage that can also dye my Easter eggs is not going into my   This is still a cute idea and especially with the homemade packets, but maybe something else on the inside.

Flavor Ice reminds me of my youth and warm summer days at my grandparent's house.   This is a cute idea, but instead of an entire bag maybe just a few for each child.   I know these are no more nutritious than Kool-Aid, but since I don't know as much it seems a little better.

I love the idea of sidewalk chalk.  I don't know if I'd go so far as to make my own, but a box of sidewalk chalk and the cute note would be fun!

This is one of my favorite ideas.  SO simple and cute!

Another fun and useful summer item that would make a great classmate gift...bubbles.  

Or how about a beach ball?

Or a kite?

Or maybe Dollar Store binoculars?  
What I love about all of the "toy" end of year gifts is that it's something useful that any child would find fun!

And there's always food or candy items...

This is a fun take on an idea I shared for Valentine's day cards.  Click HERE if you want to see the original ideas.

Or this super creative idea...

Regardless of what you give, make it something that your children will be happy to give and make it special not expensive!

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