Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Mother's Day...a few days early!

I always feel a little selfish at Mother's Day because my birthday is only a month earlier so it's a whole lot of celebrating me in a short period of time.  While I totally appreciate the love from my family, I really do not enjoy being the center of attention.  I would much prefer to plan a party or mini-celebration for someone else.
 I guess I can endure one more :)

Here are few things I found that I think are so special for Mother's Day
(just in case anyone here at my house is reading). are always associated with Mother's Day because
1- what women doesn't love receiving flowers and
2- Mother's Day falls at the beginning of Spring when flowers are so abundant.

I love this personalized idea for a custom made flowerpot.  A little Mod Podge and you have a really great keepsake that any mom or grandmother would adore!

I think this idea for a "flower" arrangement is so creative.  This would be great for a grandmother or a mother of a big family!  

And how about a dozen cupcakes made into a flower arrangement? 

I personally love the homemade cards my children make me.   They are 1000 times more sentimental and special than anything Hallmark could write...and they are from their hearts.  I think these ideas for handmade cards are so fun! can never go wrong with jewelry for a woman.   I have a personalized necklace with my children's names on it and I love it.  Here is what it looks like....with different names (lol)

I get tons of compliments on it as well.  Here are a few others I love besides the one I already own!

I think the family tree charm on this is so special.

This version would be great with the children's birthstones.

And last, but not least, by far my favorite gifts for Mother's Day are the ones that their teachers do almost every year where they answer questions about me.  The younger the child the more hilarious the responses of course, but they are great from any age.  Here are a few you can use if you want to see what your own might say.

Whether you are a mother or celebrating someone else this Mother's Day, I hope the day is filled with love and sunshine!


Poshed Up

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