Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's full swing Thanksgiving around here.....

We have officially started full on planning for Thanksgiving around here.   Although, I have to admit, because I've been working on Christmas stockings and tree skirts for the business and taking advantage of the amazing Christmas deals out in stores....it is hard for me to not already mentally be on Christmas.  I actually asked my sister-in-law this weekend if it was too early to put my tree up.   Verdict...it can't go up until Black Friday.  So....I might as well focus on adding some decorations and crafts for Thanksgiving!

As I mentioned in my last post, we are working on our thankful tree as our centerpiece...

Ours from last year.....our new one should be done very soon!

And...we are finishing up our Indian corn project as well... and I know my children will come home from school with some great homemade projects as in years past.   

I have found a few other really cute ideas/crafts to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with your children. Whether you're crafty or not, these are great ways to help your children learn the true meaning of Thanksgiving and are super easy to do!

Here are a few really great ideas from Parents.com that allow your children to express what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving.   Their answers can be so funny!

And since I know some of you will tell me you're not crafty or don't have time to try to be....I have one idea for every level from not-so crafty to super-crafty!

This idea is ridiculously easy, but so cute!   You just take a jar or bowl or any container and lay out markers and paper and each day you and each member of your family can write one thing they are thankful for on that day.   The day before Thanksgiving, you simply clip the ideas or your favs to a string and hang as garland!  Very cute idea!

Or how about this sweet activity for kids of all ages...

You could do one for each child or one for the family as shown here.  Such a great keepsake not only for the things they'll say, but also for their sweet little hands!

And the last great idea that I loved from Parents.com...

This one would definitely take more work, but still not too difficult.  You can use store-bought door hangers (all craft stores carry these in their kid crafting area) and use paint and the eraser on a pencil to create the dots.  Then tie a ribbon and attach sticky notes.  They can hang it on their door and write something each day!  Great reminder to be grateful for what we have!!!

The other really cute idea from 'First Grader at Last' that I am definitely doing for my own is this Thanksgiving poem...

This was done in a school setting, but I think it's a great idea to have little hands busy while the cooking is going on and a great reminder of why we celebrate Thanksgiving!

On the other side of Thanksgiving is everything TuRkEy!

Here are some fun crafts that relate to the turkey himself....

 Here is my all-time favorite from my daughter's class (kindergarten I think) that I have kept because I just think it's so creative!   
He's sitting proudly on our mantle!

I found some other really great ideas that you might want to plan for your kids to work on this upcoming week.   I like to get all the supplies set up when they are not around and then when I'm ready to let them loose to work on it, I can work on something next to them.  I'm planning on having them work on one of these this week so I can menu plan for my early Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday!

What I love about all of these turkey projects is there keepsakeability  (I just made up this word, but it works).   When you use their handprint, it makes it so great to re-visit year to year so that you and they can see how they've grown.

This 1st one is so easy....from 'Meet the Dubiens'.  It's just handprints and some simple cut out shapes.  You could even use simple circle for eyes or let the kids draw them if you don't have googly eyes laying around like some of us freaky types....present party included...lol

The next one is equally as cute and just as simple from 'Busy Bee Kids Crafts.com'.   This one is traced handprints cut from construction paper and glue.  Not too difficult, right.  These could be really cute on the table or on the kids' table.   Or...how about using them as a napkin holder and putting your napkin through the center...super cute, right?

And this last one I just love.  It is so darn sweet and so easy.  It's a great family keepsake!  It's from one of my all-time favs of blogs 'Eighteen25'.

I would add the year to it somewhere and then maybe update every few years.  I just love it!

Just a few ideas to keep your little ones in the spirit and busy!   Happy crafting and planning for the big Turkey Day next week.   I can't wait to share pictures of my table and the kids' table for my early Thanksgiving this weekend.

I'll be sharing tons of great table ideas early next week as well as some great recipes and sweet treats I've saved for this special once a year eating-fest!

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  1. Love the ideas! Makes me want to run out and get a jar or some door hangers. I probably won't get to it but love it!!!!!