Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

As much as I LOVED Thanksgiving and a day with family, I am thrilled to begin decorating, shopping, baking, and doing all things Christmas!   I am most excited to have Christmas music on all the time.  My husband can't stand it, but myself and the kids LOVE it....unfortunate for him...haha

So I have been looking at all things Christmas the past few weeks and have soooo much to share including crafts, recipes, decorating ideas, entertaining ideas, gift ideas, stocking stuffers, homemade goodies, teacher name it!   I wanted to start today with some ideas for Christmas cards and/or Christmas pictures.

I'm starting there because a great deal of the "deals" out there for discounts on cards end this weekend.  So to me, it's worth acting early and getting them done.  Also, I usually start receiving cards by the this weekend from friends.   That gets me anxious to get my own done and out so I want to try to avoid that this year.

Here's a few of the deals:


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For me, this is always an interesting thing because my children HATE to get pictures taken.  I managed to bribe, I mean convince, them to do it early this year to avoid the stress of trying endlessly to get pictures and for whatever worked.  They were somewhat agreeable and I am very happy with the pictures.

The other challenging part for me is 'What to Wear'.  Since I only include the children in our picture it makes the decision a bit easier, but I still want to coordinate them but not match.   So I did some looking for clothing options and found some really great ideas.  Some of these are not specific to holiday wear, but I love to mix it up and don't feel the need to use red, green and black every year for clothing.

Here are some I loved...

For big girls....I love the layering look.   Here are a few dresses that are oh so cute that would look great with a pair of legging and tall boots!

These are 2 of my favorites from Zara.  What I love about Zara is that they have the style of a J.Crew without the expensive price tag.  Both of these dresses are $39.90 and can definitely be worn again.

They both have the classic plaids that you see this time of year and the sweet little dress peeking out underneath.  You could do these two dresses if you have 2 girls or this would totally work with a boys' outfit with jeans, a white or plaid polo, and a navy or olive green sweater.  LOVE!  Or with the adorable plaid tie from The Childrens' Place...only $5.96.  Could it be any cuter?

If you're not into plaid....I also adore these sweet dresses from Zara.   And again, only $39.90.


You'd think I'm being paid by Zara for how many times I've recommended them, but if you go visit their website, you'll see why.  Their prices are great and the quality is equally as great.  In fact, my daughter's sweater from this year's picture is from there, but you'll have to wait to see it!

And how about with this cute boy shirt with dark cords....wish my daughter would wear a dress.  And...I have ideas for that issue too if you share it.

From The Children's Place...

Like I said previously...I'm not a traditional red and green girl when it comes to pictures.  We actually chose to do grey this year and a hint of red.  

If you have a daughter who is like mine and doesn't do the dress thing....try leggings or jeans and a great sweater.  Here's some great and non-holiday colors.   

 from Old Navy

Or this one on sale at Gap....
  I  love this with black leggings and cute boots or ballet flats.  You could compliment another child in denim, black, red, many cute options.

And if you like are some I LOVED!   

Cream and gold....

From Gap for big girls...  love shift dresses!
Or this from H&M...  

Or traditional red and/or green...

For boys, I love these sweaters from H&M...they come in big and small sizes too.  I'm digging the elbow detail.

Or this shirt from The Children's Place for only $17.95...

And for about this beauty from Zara... 
and my favorite of all...wish I had a little girl for this.  
From H&M...

Remember, whatever you choose to go with, you want them to look nice, but it's more important that they are happy in the picture so you truly capture them.  If they are uncomfortable and unhappy in their clothing...they will be miserable in pictures! Or, at least that's what happens here.

And here are a few pictures that I just love.  I personally like close ups of my children because we send them to many people who don't see us every year and they really just want to see how they've grown.  This year we were lucky enough to be outside because of the warm weather we've been having in the Northeast.

from 'JoopJoop'

I'm looking forward to sharing TONS of fun ideas for this special time of year!  We are busy putting up our tree and decorating around our house.  We are doing soooo many crafts and making gifts for everyone in our life.  


Poshed Up

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