Monday, October 15, 2012

Silent Auction Listing

Today I am participating in a silent auction to benefit the daughter of Matt Turner who tragically lost his life last week.  While I do not know him personally, I have read his wife Julee's blog for some time and wanted to do something small.  Please check out all of the fabulous auction items and read more about this auction HERE.

I am donating a set of two custom made monogrammed Christmas stockings.

Here is what some of the one's I made last year looked like.  I have changed my fabric options since last year so please use these picture as an example.  All 2012 fabric options are pictured below.

And here is one of with this year's fabrics.

I have tons of great fabric options this year...take a look.

Here is a brief description of the stockings:

Give Santa something to smile about when he comes to visit your home.  Not only are these stocking beautiful, but they are monogrammed to make it easier for Santa!    And….because they are reversible, you can turn them around when you need a change! 
Made of beautifully colored, festive fabrics, these custom-made stocking include 2 complimenting fabrics on one side and the reverse on the other.  Each stocking includes a double layered monogrammed initial as well to make it pop!   Each stocking is also fully lined with a complimenting fabric and include a heavy weight ribbon hanger to add to its beauty.
All stocking include a layer of interfacing for added shape and durability so you and your family can enjoy these stocking for years to come.  They make a great gift filled with goodies for that special someone!
These stocking can be custom made and monogrammed with your choice of fabric.  Many fabrics options are available and we can send you picture options if desired.    

All stockings are currently shipping within 10-14 days of payment being received and fabric choices being confirmed.

Machine washable on delicate and dry warm.   Iron to maintain “poshed up” look!
Length:  Approximately 18 1/2"  from top to toe
Width of top opening:  Approximately 7 ½ “
Width of foot:  Approximately 10 ½ “
Hanger length:  Approximately 4 ½”

I will work with you directly once you have won this auction item on the monogramming and your choice of fabrics.   The winner can reach out to me via email at with the title "Auction Winner" and we will go from there.  

Stocking normally sell for $25 each via my etsy shop (click HERE to visit) so this auction item is worth a total of $50.

Shipping:  This auction item is available for US shipping only.

The starting bid for these stockings is $20.

How to Bid:

1.  Place your bid in the comments section of this blog post.
2.  Leave Name, Email and Bid.
3.  All bids must be made in $1 increments.  If the last bid is $9, then your bid must be $10.

Bidding will close on Friday night at 10:00pm EST.  The highest bidder will be the winner.  Payment will be accepted via PayPal and the winner will be emailed a paypal invoice.  Once the payment has been made, I will put your in as the contact with the donor.

Thank you!


  1. Blaire Reagan

  2. $15
    Paige Hargett

  3. $20
    Tiffany Randall

  4. $20 Kaye

  5. $22

  6. Blaire Reagan

  7. $30 April

  8. $32 Darci;

  9. $35 Blaire;

  10. $40 Kaye

  11. $51

  12. $58

  13. $60 April Bacon

  14. $65.

  15. I paid for this auction item and haven't heard anything from you about getting the items. Are you still participating?

  16. I apologize, but the item had already been paid for by the last bidder per the email from the administrator. Let me see if they can credit you.

  17. April...I will send you an email as soon as I clarify. Sorry for the confusion!