Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Fashion Edition

This pretty much sums up how I feel this time of year....

and let me stress the boots and jeans part of this!

I love to start wearing sweaters and layering clothes.   While I don't like to be cold, I do love the cooler air and the ability to wear sweaters when Fall arrives.   Being a stay at home mom, I don't have anywhere that I'm going that requires me to dress up on a daily basis but I still like to look nice.  So on the days that I don't stay in my gym clothes all day after the gym...sad, but true.....I always go for jeans and boots.   I have been seeing lots of fun outfits on Pinterest and I thought I'd share some.

I like to copy ideas and use the ideas that work for my body type and scratch those that I cannot pull off.  I am an avid Today Show fan and have heard several fashion consultants share that it's crucial to wear clothes that fit your body type and not to try to always "wear the trend".  So....take what you like and make it work for you and your own body!

The first look that I love is stripes.  I don't know why I have such a thing for stripes, but I do across all seasons of clothing and hear are some Fall finds that I particularly love.  If you click on the "Source" links below each outfit, you can find out where to find them.

I love the casual nature of this outfit and of course the Toms...who doesn't love Toms.   What I love more than anything else though is the simple white tank.   I think white is so clean and crisp in any outfit.

This outfit works for me because I don't like big, bulky sweaters in the transition weather so the 3/4 sleeve is great.   The scarf adds just enough additional warmth too.  And the boots...I just adore boots.   What I like the most though is the combo of black stripes and brown.  It totally works!

This outfit just looks so darn comfy and again it has the clean, crisp plain white tank.   

The next look I love is a button down.  Whether it's plaid, striped, solid or a tailored white I love this look especially when it's layered.  So casual and fun with a colored tank, Chucks and a vest which I have proclaimed my love for in earlier posts.  I despise bulky coats so a vest works for me best!

I also love the finished look of layering with a fun cardigan and of!

I happen to own a coat that resembles this one and I think it looks so great with a great pair of pumps and a tailored white shirt.   This could go from casual to dressy with great jewelry too.

Although I prefer vests to coats, I can handle a comfy sweater for warmth on a chilly day especially when it's paired with boots.   I love these looks.

And how about accessories?  Here a few I love for fall....

Scarves.  These are a great addition to any outfit and provide warmth too.   Here is a guide to tying them in case you are stumped on how to wear them.

A great pair of earrings...

And a great necklace...

And last, but not least....a perfect fall nail color...
How about OPI "Wooden You Like to Know"?

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