Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A wreath for every occasion and location...

Wreaths are such a great way to decorate for any occasion or holiday,
but when better to hang a beautiful and festive wreath than this time of year.
While I use wreaths all year long and have one for literally every season....
nothing makes me think of a wreath more than Christmastime.

Of course I know that the custom of the wreath is long associated with many religious beliefs (of which I am not going into on my blog),
but did you know that it also used to be used similarly to how we use house numbers today to identify different family homes?
Very cool!
No one would ever be able to find our house twice since I change ours so often....ha ha

Anyway....I found some really beautiful and festive ideas for wreaths that I wanted to share.  We aren't making one this year due to time constraints and WAY too many other projects to complete, but there's still plenty of time with 2 weeks left to make one.
I think I'll try for a New Year's wreath this year!

Here are some great ones for inside.  For the majority of them, all you truly needs is a hot glue gun.  If you don't own one, go get one.  You'll use it for so many things whether you're crafty or not!!
 It's a girl's must have!

Candy wreaths...I love the fun in these and the fact that they are simply candy makes it a bit cheaper.  

This one is simply gumdrops, a foam wreath and a hot glue gun.   I LOVE the colors in this one!  There are easy instructions on the link as well.

Or how about this one that's made from all white gumdrops?  You could obviously do it with any 1 or 2 colors gumdrops...how about a green and red one??

Peppermint wreath.  For those of you who know me well...I love all things peppermint and this wreath takes the cake!  And as I've mentioned previously...I adore anything red so this is real must-make for next year for us!

I also love these wreaths made with glass balls.  I made one of these years ago, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.  I made mine with a combination of large and mini balls of all different colors.   If you want one, but don't have time to make it this year...wait until after Christmas and stock up on the deals on these decorations.  I bet they'll be drastically discounted!

This link gives you a great visual tutorial if you need it.
 Again...you'll need that hot glue gun!

Love this monocromatic look....in all white and silver.

And if you don't want to work with a styro-wreath...good ole' Eddie Ross has a way to make one using none other than a wire hanger...check it out.

And last, but not least....one from one of my favorite blogs 'Whatever'.  She walks you through a whole day of crafting to make this...and with her usual humor too!

I think these yarn and ribbon wreaths are so incredibly fun and festive.  I'm not really sure how difficult they are to make, but they are sold on etsy by several vendors.  I have linked to them below each picture.  Some are sold out, but you can see what they have to offer otherwise.  

On etsy - shop 'Fern Gate'

On etsy - shop 'Katie Jo'

On etsy - shop 'SMilley'

And here are a few very creative ideas using all sorts of unique things to create a fun wreath.   

I love this idea!!!   I have a very strong addiction..I mean affection for wrapping paper so this is right up my alley.

And my most favorite of all....

We are for sure doing this one!  

 Here is a picture of the one my daughter did 6 years ago in preschool and I put it out every single year because as you probably now know...I'm a sucker for traditions and reliving these little things in life!!!

You can tell it's been 6 years and it's been through a lot, but I just love looking at those teeny little handprints! 

I have a lot more Christmas goodies to share in the next 11 days until we reach Christmas Eve.  
Stay tuned...

Poshed Up

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