Sunday, December 9, 2012

Garland galore...

As I'm sure you all know by now, I love anything homemade.  I'm a sucker for kids crafts in particular and when it comes to Christmastime, I cannot get enough.  My two favorites...crafts and Christmas... what could be better?

So I have been looking to add some homemade garland to my collection of decorations this year and so obviously I hit Pinterest. Here are some of my favorites...

Candy garland.  My only fear with this one is that a certain little 6 year old in my house will spend the entire day eating from it like a candy necklace.  It's so pretty though.

These are cute too, but I despise Peeps.  Always have and these are no different.  Sorry to all of you Peep fanatics...nothing personal.

So I guess candy garland may be out for me this year, but I am most DEFINITELY adding some paper garland this year.  Last year after Christmas I added snowflake garland to our mantle and my kids loved it.  Here is a picture from last January.

I love this version of it hanging vertically with the added red and green.  So cute and super easy.  If you've never made this type of garland is easy peasy.  You cut out your shapes and simply run them through your sewing machine.  I have made them for many a birthday party to match the theme and they really are adorable.

And how cute are these green snowflakes?

If you're like me and needed a little help on how to make beautiful snowflakes, these two sites are really helpful.

Now if you love the idea of some handmade garland, but these ideas totally overwhelm...go old school.  A paper chain in festive colors is just as fun!!

Another take on the festive circle garland is with felt.  Oh how I love felt.  It's so easy to work with and very inexpensive.

Even easier, tie strips of felt to a ribbon or even a rope to make garland.

This also works with fabric.  These are super easy, promise.   If you don't have fabric scraps laying around most fabric stores have remnant for super cheap for you to buy.  I made this one last Easter with plastic eggs and it was ridiculously easy.

Here are some more appropriate for this time of year.  I love this one with mini white lights.

Or this super festive one.

Last, but not least. I ADORE this real cranberry and lime garland but just don't see myself finding the time to make it.   I wish!

Enjoy!    I will share my garland with you once it's completed. I'm aiming to have it done mid month when I switch out my decorations like only a crazy person does.  By then I will have all of my stocking orders filled as well so things should be a little calmer around here.

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