Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The night before the first day...

It's all happening too fast....the first day of school is coming and it's almost here!!!!  I know many of you have already started, but we have not and I am holding onto summer as long as I can right now.  We have been trying to suck out every last bit of long sunny days, swimming, eating lunch at non-lunch hours and staying up way too late.  

I have to say that we are desperately in need of the schedule and routine that a new school year brings, but until next week I am resisting a bit longer.   We have all of our school supply shopping done.  We've done our back to school shoe shopping (which I have to say I still don't understand because their feet don't necessarily change so much that they can't fit into last year's shoes, but I fall victim to this custom too).  We have done a bit of back to school clothing shopping and thought about our first day fashion.  And...I have thought a lot about what I will do to make the night before the first day FUN!

Here are some great ideas I have found to welcome back this year of school.   First, let's talk about a back to school celebration either with your own family or with your children's friends.  Check out these great ideas!

This party has the CUTEST table decor ever.  My kids would flip for this.  And...check out the adorable menu.  What a great way to celebrate the night before the first day!


And this little "sweets" soiree would be so much fun with some school buddies.
Complete with apple shaped Rice Krispie cake...

Gumball "pencils"
And the cutest table decor!

Or this adorable party has the cutest ideas as well...who wouldn't want to hang out at this table?
These water bottles are so fun...
And the centerpiece....I love the scrabble pieces!
Now maybe a lavish party to celebrate is a little overboard for you, how about just a special breakfast for your little ones to start their first day off right?  Here's some inspiration...

With simple Dollar Store finds, this mom added some fun to their everyday breakfast table.

This table would make any child excited about their first day.

How fun are these?

And who can forget the ever important First Day of School pictures.  I love the idea of including either a fun blackboard announcing the new grade or a sign.   Here are some ideas...

Here's a few free printables to use for your pictures.  Just click on the "source" link below each picture to take you to them.

Last but not least...does the Back to School fairy come to your house?  We have never had one visit in prior years, but these cute ideas make me think she may need to this year.

And these next few ideas included a few "back to school" goodies.

Regardless of whether your night before the first day is big or small, I hope it's special.  This can be a time filled with nervous butterflies for all of us both big and small and sometimes just a reassuring hug is enough!!!

Poshed Up

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