Sunday, July 15, 2012

What I'm Loving...

I'm totally falling off the wagon lately with blogging.   We are enjoying the lazy days of summer and I never seem to have any time to sit down, let alone by myself.  But...I know soon enough the kids will be back to school and I'll have plenty of down time so I am truly enjoying every moment with them this summer.  

We have started crossing things off our summer list and we are gathering our supplies for our more crafty items.  So excited to get started on those.  First rainy day and we're on it!   Besides that we are doing a whole lot of swimming and sunning.   Lots of tanned skin and dry hair at this house ;)

I thought I'd share a few things I'm loving these days...

To start off...this little clip I captured on my phone of my little guy FINALLY swimming.  Hooray.  After only 3 lessons, well only 3 this summer at least, he is off and swimming.   So proud of my little monkey!

Another beachy thing I'm loving is this...

It goes on super easy, it smells great, it works great last forever!  We are at the beach every single day so we are putting on sunblock every single day and we have only gone through 1 bottle this summer to date.  That's a record for us.  And...I reapply throughout the day because my kids are in the pool all day so the sunblock wears off.  The great thing about this is that you can apply it and waiting can apply it to wet skin.  Love it!

I'm also loving that it's almost time for the Olympics.  Hooray!  I LOVE the summer Olympics.

   I cannot wait to watch gymnastics and soccer.  We are a dorky family and we love to sit and watch as a family as much as possible.  And...we are super excited because my daughter met Christie Rampone, the captain of the USA Women's soccer team this past year at a tournament we were playing in which makes watching it even more exciting.  What truly blows my mind...she is only a year younger than me and playing in the Olympics...truly amazing!

In fashion....I'm loving all of the dresses I'm finding for summer ON SALE now.  Retail is already into fall, but in reality summer is only halfway over.  These sales are making it that much more enjoyable!  Although truth be told, there is maybe one day a week at most that I'm actually not in either a bathing suit or yoga pants and tank top all day!  The bonus of most of these is that I can throw it over my bathing suit too.

I'm also LOVING all things espadrilles....check out some of these beauties!  They dress up the simplest of cotton dresses like the peach one above.

And here's the ones I just bought and I adore them.  So comfy!

I'm also loving this book.  I saw it recommended a few places and it's so up my alley.   I love that Barnes & Noble shows you "Customers Who Bought This Also Bought" because it helps to see if it might work.  Since I had read three of the other books that others bought...I figured it was a safe bet.  

I have really been having a hard time finding a good read lately.  In the summer I tend to read little bits at at time when my kids are occupied or at night, but I'm so tired at night I don't get through much.  I need a book that grabs me quickly and this did it. 

I also loved this book that came highly recommended..thanks Heather!   Great book with a big twist at the end.

And lastly, I'm loving that I made and listed my last beach bag of the 2012 season for Poshed Up.  It seems I had a thing for orange and blue this year :)   You can check them all out HERE.   These are my last 4 for the season!

 I will certainly have them back in the shop next year with some new features, but it's time to start Halloween believe it or not.   Here is a preview of Halloween fabrics for monogrammed trick or treat bags..stay tuned.

What are you loving right now? 

Poshed Up

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